Steinberg Nuendo 8 Sneak Preview

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Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has announced the upcoming release of Nuendo 8.

In the previous version, Nuendo introduced Game Audio Connect, providing a new set of tools that lets Nuendo integrate directly with Audiokinetic’s Wwise audio middleware solution, exporting mixdowns to Wwise, and version-controls projects by Perforce.

With Nuendo 8, Steinberg enhances this toolset: Game Audio Connect 2 provides an interactive music workflow by taking entire music compositions from Nuendo and handing these over to Wwise, including audio and MIDI tracks along with cycle and cue markers. Nuendo can now also be used as MIDI editor for Wwise.

Here’s the official video preview:

Nuendo 8 features Direct Offline Processing with its Live! Rendering capability, allowing users to easily apply frequently used processes in an offline plug-in chain and render offline processes in real time. Another highlight is Auto ReNamer that automatically assigns new names to all events, which is another common workflow in game audio.

The Sound Randomizer plug-in creates different variations of a sound instantaneously, adjusting its pitch, timbre, impact and timing. The newly introduced Sampler Track allows users to drag and drop audio from the MediaBay into the track and play and manipulate the sample.

Also included is the virtual-analog Retrologue 2 synthesizer, HALion Sonic SE 3, over 80 effects processors, including the new eight-band fully parametric Frequency EQ, and an assortment taken from the 2017 Hybrid Library by Pro Sound Effects, plus the newly developed video engine that replaces the former Quicktime-based engine.

Here’s what’s new in Steinberg Nuendo 8:

  • Game Audio Connect 2
  • Sound Randomizer
  • Direct Offline Processing
  • Auto ReNamer
  • User profile manager
  • ADR enhancements
  • MixConsole History
  • Sampler Track
  • New zone concept
  • New video engine
  • Reworked plug-ins and improved performance

Pricing and availability are to be announced. See the Steinberg site for more information.

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