Tangerine Dream Style Ratchet Sequencing On An iPad

This video, via RinghausenMusic, demonstrates how to do Tangerine Dream style ‘ratchet’ sequencing on an iPad.

‘Ratchet’ sequencing, or ‘ratcheting’, is a step sequencing technique where notes in a sequence, normally triggered once per step, are triggered multiple times per step to add rhythmic variety and interest. 

ST-S01 can control any background MIDI enabled App on the iPad, as well as external MIDI keyboards.

In this demo, the iPad app StepSequencer ST-S01 is used to control a PPG 1002 synthesizer, and is accompanied with PPG Phonem.

8 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Style Ratchet Sequencing On An iPad

    1. I might too
      strange how some apps don’t show all the neat tricks
      then again there are several that don’t even have a basic demo video or sound

  1. This is a great app- I love how you can have two rows of different sequences, great for polyphonic synths. I notified the developer that when sending inter-app MIDI you get stuck notes (I’m using this with Arturia’s iMini) if you switch apps during a sequence in iOS10. The developer got right back to me and said they would look into it. Otherwise this is a really good emulation of an old school step sequencer.

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