New iPad Beatmaking App, Forever Beats

Developer John Sebastian Hussey let us know about Forever Beats, a new beatmaking app for iPad.

Forever Beats is a melodic step sequencer with synthesized instruments for iPad.

Features include:

  • synthesized bass,
  • ambient and percussive elements,
  • MIDI out for sequencing external instruments,
  • algorithmic features for jamming with beats,
  • Audiobus support and
  • support for polymetric sequencing.

Here’s the official preview video:

Heres a playlist of video tutorials for Forever Beats:

Forever Beats Audio Demos:

Hussey says that more advanced MIDI support and Ableton Link support are in the works.

Pricing and Availability

Forever Beats is available now for US $5.99.

If you’ve used Forever Beats, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

11 thoughts on “New iPad Beatmaking App, Forever Beats


    (Yet Another Rhythmically Stupid Step Sequencer)

    Remember, the only possible time-signature is 4/4 and the only way to divide a beat is 4 (16th notes). Just put all that other music out of your mind. Join us. It’s bliss. “1 e & a 2 e & a 3 e & a 4 e & a” ad nauseam.

  2. To me EVERYTHING is just another sound source to be exploited, mangled and twisted. And IMHO using any software or gear only in its stock form without any imagination or creativity is well just boring most of the time.
    But I guess that’s subjective isn’t it? ????

    I use YARSSS all the time, but 99% of the time I record them into SoundForge and mangle the hell out of them. I have one studio built around 4 electribies and 2 Yamaha beat boxes and some other vintage gear all synced together, the combinations and possibilities just with tempo tweaks alone are pretty infinite. Then comes the millisecond chopping and splicing, I do in SoundForge, creating single hits, bastardizing and pitch shifting tempos even more, and using all kinds of mods and delays, etc, etc, etc. Yes, the 4/4 cliched overused button pushing preset using mediocre pablum that these tools can produce is often stock and boring but to me, ANY sound is a potential victim of my sonic experiments and torture… including yet another YARSSS that I can score for just a few dollars lol! JMO’s of course.

  3. The stigma against 4/4 is so tired. Yes it’s everywhere. It’s because you can most easily fuck to it, or simulate fucking on a dance floor to it. Big deal. If you aren’t finishing your production inside the app, then the app can never force you into a time signature. It’s a bit more work and it’s not ideal, but you have all the tools.

    But it still would be cool to support other time signatures. I’m not against that. Just the 4/4 hate. It’s a good time signature. It’s solid and dependable and predictable and comforting. Most times that what people need from music.

    1. This is NOT a stigma AGAINST 4/4!! 4/4 is fine. It is already the basis of craploads of great music. But 4/4 with 16ths is just one of many great rhythmic flavors.

      There is a mad industry-wide stigma against every meter EXCEPT 4/4 with 16ths. Being prevented from choosing non binary meters is like being told you can only use major triads. It is limiting.

      Even meters as basic as 3/4, or 6/8, or 12/8 or 9/8 where you can make wonderful grooves are absent. Even just dividing beats into triplets … gone.

    1. Well, not ALL the tools. Just saying, if the tools didn’t make you have to jump through hoops to group & divide beats differently, it would make the workflow more fun.

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