Synthrotek Intros Roboto Lo Fi Vocoder Eurorack Module

Synthrotek has introduced the Roboto – a new Eurorack module that’s a vocoder, pitch shifter, speak-n-spell effect, vibrato, 8-bit modulator and a bitcrusher-sounding module all in one heavily CV-controllable package.


  • Can be in either Robot mode or Pitch mode, but not both. Handy LEDs tell you which mode you’re in. The ROBOT button toggles between the two.
  • Vibrato toggles on and off. Works in either Robot mode or Pitch mode.
  • Robot and Vibrato CV inputs activate those modes (and deactivates in the case of vibrato) upon receiving a gate pulse. Gate pulses in these inputs are just like pushing their corresponding buttons. Expected transition is from 0V to +5V (and back to 0V), but it will handle any voltage within the power supply range without damaging the module. Transition between what is considered “off” and “on” is at approximately 2.3V.
  • Rate pot/input control the clock speed in the chip. A CV input of 0-5V will mimic the range of the pot, but voltages outside of this range will push the rate setting further.
  • The CV input is mixed with the voltage coming from the pot.
  • The pitch pot is used to pitch the audio up or down when in pitch mode. It has 7 zones/pitches; 12:00 is normal pitch, and there are 3 steps up and 3 steps down from there.
  • 0-5V fed into the Pitch jack mimic the full travel of the pot (0V is lowest, 5V is highest, normal is ~2.5V). Voltages outside this range are tolerated but won’t provide any added functionality.
  • The pitch pot is disabled when a plug is inserted into the CV jack.

Pricing and Availability

The Roboto Euro module is available for pre-order for US $149.99, or as a kit for $99.99.

7 thoughts on “Synthrotek Intros Roboto Lo Fi Vocoder Eurorack Module

      1. The section with the pocket operator is pretty nice.

        I think you are expecting too much if you think this is a full on vocoder, given that it is based around a commercially available voice changer chip.

  1. Nice. Synthrotek modules are always worthwhile. And super cheap if you buy pcbs and plates then source the parts yourself.

    I love all of the MST line and the handful of effects units I have.

  2. I agree the vocoder isn’t horribly impressive if you’re trying to do Kraftwerk or TI or something — I wasn’t really interested until I saw the $99 kit. I can get $99 of chiptune out of this.

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