15 thoughts on “Audiowerkstatt mini-midi-drum-seq Drum Machine (Sneak Preview)

    1. I am not sure – we should email them
      Dear Audiowerkstatt mini-midi-drum-seq Drum Machine prototype manufacturer, I just watched your sneak preview of the Audiowerkstatt mini-midi-drum-seq Drum Machine prototype. I See that it says that it is a prototype both on the machine and the description, can you please let us know if this is the final version of the device?

  1. and adjustment pots for the sounds eg snare are….where exactly? Does that slider come into play here…hold down a button and the slider changes the kick decay or somethin?

    (dont tell me its an analog drum machine with no adjustment over the sounds seriously…)

  2. Quite interested in this. I’m in the market for a “different” drum machine that isn’t just a clone. Needs to be small and driven entirely over Midi. (had an LXR but its not too good at being sequenced externally).

  3. hi everybody,

    thanks for all the interest. i’ll try to give some answers:

    first of all: it’s “just” a sequencer – no synth on board.

    and yes: it is (still) a prototype, but there is good reason for hope, that this will change sometime this year.

    it’s the brother or sister of the mini-midi-setp-seq (http://www.audiowerkstatt.de/en/mini-midi-step-seq) and so its aim is the same: fast-programming and fun while playing around – more for jam-sessions or to give you new ideas in the studio than to do the next big production.

    it is optimized for a good workflow while using it live and has some great features (as you can see with the random-function or the mute-track). don’t look too much one the silk-screen on the front – it’s an old version (some things got better, some worse). more info will come, but i don’t want to make too many promises until i know its stable.

    i know, that you want to know, when you will be able to buy it, but i only can say: it will happen, when i think it’s stable.
    all 7 audiowerkstatt-products, that are sold right now, are known to be really stable and ready for professional live-use – for shure this won’t change with the mini-midi-drum-seq.

    hardware seems stable, code is more than 95% finished and beta-testing started those days, so we are on the way, but the audiowerkstatt is really small – i can’t tell how many bugs will come and how long it will take to fix them.

    the prototype can be seen and tested at superbooth in the state, that will be on that day – hopefully with all features and bug-free.

    and that nobody has to be disappointed in the end: as all other audiowerkstatt-products it will be a small handsoldered series made in the eu with only high quality components, that will have its price – too expensive for those who compare it with industrial-produced-stuff – those should look for something else!

    greetings from berlin

    olaf – audiowerkstatt

    1. Nice to see feedback directly from the source! Thank you for taking the time. Looking forward to this, as i think it will be an excellent companion for my nord drum.

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