Cool 360° Tour Of The Roland Synth Museum

Roland has shared a cool 360° tour of their private museum, which features Roland and BOSS musical instruments that date all the way back to their founding in 1972.

“The instruments on display are extremely important to us,” they note,” and are still used as references for current product development.”

The exhibit includes many vintage musical instruments,  from synthesizers, pianos, and organs to electronic drums, guitar products, recorders, sequencers, and more.

You can also take a virtual tour via Google Maps, embedded below:

If the embeds don’t work for you, check them out at Roland’s site.

11 thoughts on “Cool 360° Tour Of The Roland Synth Museum

  1. Looks like their museum was robbed. No MC-909, no MC-808, no JX-305, no Fantom-S, no Fantom-X, no Fantom-Xa, no Fantom-G, no V-Synth GT, no V-Synth XT… They should hire a curator.

  2. i wonder if they have the Jupiter 50 proudly displayed….or if they are too ashamed like everyone else who ended up with one…

    1. you´re wrong. it´s the jupiter-80, not the 50. no reason at all to be ashamed of owning one of the best sounding synths ever produced. the bummer is its lack of multitimbrality (only 4). polyphony is sensationally high (256, if i recall rightly). roland should have implemented the phrase list sequencer of the fantom-g, 16-part multimbrality, and i would have bought the j80 in a nanosecond.

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