Expert Sleepers ES Modules Let Your Modular Talk To Your Computer

This in-depth video demo, via Mylar Melodies, takes a look at the Expert Sleepers ES3, ES6 + ES7, which lets your computer talk with your modular. 

The video demos Expert Sleepers ES3, ES6 + ES7 controlling modular, creating a modular polysynth, Ableton Push-controlled modular, Roland Juno 60 controlled by Intellijel Metropolis and more.

For details on the modules, see the Expert Sleepers site.

4 thoughts on “Expert Sleepers ES Modules Let Your Modular Talk To Your Computer

  1. Bought an ES-40 and some extension modules last year, never looked back. They just make so much sense in an analog synth environment.

  2. ES 40/ESX – 8CV here, add Silent Way and/or Maxforlive and you’re in modulation heaven, love it! Also great to control via Push

  3. I have the es-3/es-6 combo. Highly recommended. I just got the es-6, so it has the colored LEDs like the disting. It’s helpful to have some visual feedback regarding the signal, and I would recommend picking up a new one for this reason alone. I conveniently have 4 hp left in my case for the es-7, but it annoys me a little bit that the 2 additional inputs aren’t on the es-6. I could devote that 4 hp to some other functionality, but I will probably end up getting the es-7. I’m waiting to see if I miss the 2 remaining adat inputs that the es-6 does not provide.

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