13 thoughts on “Eurorack Module Manufacturers World Map

  1. There is a tremendous bubble within the Eurorack world, it will only take a minor recession and I would say more than half of these smaller builders will vanish.

    1. Why?

      Many of them do modules as a second job – so they’re probably less risk-averse than big companies.

      You know who pulled back in the last recession? Korg, Roland and Yamaha.

    2. Wow, such positive! Modular synthesizers have survived more than a few recessions????

      What’s the intent of making a comment like that?

  2. Jorge: Whilst many of these builders primary income source is indeed derived from other sources, it is my contention that consolidation will eventually occur, just as it did eventually in the early days of ‘home brew’ computer revolution. And even though the likes of Roland and other established instrument makers were forced to contract their operation, they were also better suited to weather the storm.

    Jelb: I don’t have any particular malice, yet I’ve stated I believe there is a great deal of froth within the industry. And although the modular format has survived over the decades, I never said a recession would destroy the industry at large. Contraction is inevitable.

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