Vkgoeswild Live Improvisation For Piano & Electronics

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live improvisation by Vika Yermolyeva and Nanisound.

Technical Details:

  • Haken Continuum
  • Two Patchblocks
  • Arturia Beatstep Pro
  • Mogees sensor
  • Korg Electribe ESX
  • Korg Volca
  • IOS device with Moog Animoog app

The Arturia Beatstep Pro is used as a control surface for the Haken Continuum and the Animoog app. The Beatstep Pro also send sequences to the Korg Volca and the Animoog. The Continuum is played live. The Patchblocks are used for background drones, with manual and real-time modulations. The Korg Electibe ESX is used for samples and grooves. The Mogees sensor (fixed to a glass) is used as an electro acoustic percussive sounds generator.

via Vkgoeswild

7 thoughts on “Vkgoeswild Live Improvisation For Piano & Electronics

  1. Haken audio has designed control templates for the Beatstep to be used as realtime controls for parameters such as volume, reverb amount, and other values as a useful adjunct to the Continuum.

    Very nice performance!

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