Inside London Modular

This video, via The Vinyl Factory, takes a look inside London Modular, the only dedicated modular synth showroom in London.

London Modular has a reputation that extends way beyond its modest Hackney Wick space, supplying first-timers, collectors and professional musicians in equal measure.

You can find out more information about London Modular at their site.

4 thoughts on “Inside London Modular

  1. When I was contemplating putting a modular rig together a couple of years ago I thought it would be good to go and see some systems and spent a good hour or so at London Modular. I really knew next to nothing but Simon spent time to show me some modules let me have a play and talk me through some of the things I should consider when planning a first set-up. I’ve since bought a few modules from LM they’re friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in equal measure…great work guys !

  2. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. They couldn’t get the filter I was after due to manufacturing issues, however they gave me some great advice and a great deal on another filter.

    Great to see shops run by enthusiasts.

    I would have bought that Buchla btw 😉

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