Analog Craftsman Bypass-Mute-Send/Return Module For 5U Modular Synthesizers

Analog Craftsman shared this video demo of their acBMS/R module for 5U Dotcom-style modular systems.

The module is a four-channel Bypass-Mute-Send/Return selector. Input a signal and you can use the three position switch to pass the signal directly to the output, mute the signal, or send it to another destination, such as a filter or effect, and then return the signal to the module.

The outputs of each channel are normalized via switching jacks to the input below them, so it is possible to input a signal to channel 1 and send it to four separate destinations via each channels send.

Pricing and Availability

The acBMS/R is available now for US $199 at the Analog Craftsman site.

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