Free Firmware Brings Real-Time Beat Mangling To Mutable Instruments Clouds

Kammerl Audio has released a free alternative firmware for Mutable Instruments Clouds which enables a new real-time slicing / beat-repeat mode.

The Kammerl Beat-Repeat mode analyzes the incoming clock signal to enable real-time slicing of the audio input. Each slice can be played back with different loop, pitch and distortion settings.

Here’s a video demo, via synthesist Richard Devine:

This video, via neutron7, tests the new firmware on mangling a modular drum pattern:

The four modes of the official firmware are still available in the new version – it just adds a fifth mode. See the Kammerl site for details.

Details on loading firmware to the module is included in the official documentation.

There are multiple firmwares now available for the Clouds:

If you’ve used alternate firmware with the Clouds module, leave a comment and share your experience with it!