VirSyn Intros BandShift Multi-Band Filter & Frequencey Shifter For iOS

VirSyn has introduced BandShift, a multi-band auditory filter and frequency shifter that takes a new approach to manipulating the pitch of complex sound sources in realtime.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The well-known analog Bode frequency shifter shifts all frequencies in an input up by the same amount and thereby alters their harmonic relation and tends to produce inharmonic results. But it’s perfect in dealing with transients and sounds smooth even with high amounts of down pitching.

BandShift splits the spectrum in 27 bands and applies a different amount of frequency shifting to each band emulating a harmonic pitch shifting. This gives you perfect pitch shifting for all kind of drum sounds over a vast shifting range of +/- five octaves without disturbing the transients or introducing metallic distortions. The extreme range of shifting gives you access to a vast field of unknown sonic territory.

The possibility to apply different shiftings on each band gives you exciting possibilities: Suppose you have a drum loop which is perfect, but the bass drum is a bit too high or too low to fit in your mix then you can easily get the bass drum shifted a bit down and the rest of the spectrum remains unchanged. But it’s applications are not limited to drum sounds, they’re only limited by your imagination.


  • Multi band bode frequency shifter
  • Linear phase filter bank with 27 bands
  • AudioUnit for AUv3 compatible hosts.
  • Inter-app audio compatible effect.
  • Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving.
  • Apply effect to any song in your iTunes library.
  • MIDI Learn for X/Y Pads
  • Low latency live usage with mic and headphones.
  • Audio recorder

Pricing and Availability

VirSyn BandShift is available now for iOS for US $6.99 (Intro price).

If you’ve used BandShift, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

5 thoughts on “VirSyn Intros BandShift Multi-Band Filter & Frequencey Shifter For iOS

  1. There are some amazing sonic possibilities here. The linear filters seem quite useful for track prep. I only wish VirSyn would have set this up like a multiband dynamics rig and a vocoder.

  2. Great! And I bought it. But without AudioShare import/export, well this app is unecessarily limited. Import from iTunes.. come on Virsyn?

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