New Documentary Explores The Music & Ideas Of Synthesist Robert Rich

Synthesist and composer Robert Rich is the subject of a new short documentary by composer Dean De Benedictis.

Rich has released over 40 albums, both as a solo artist and collaborating with other musicians; has done sound design for films and synth manufacturers; and has mixed and mastered hundreds of albums. 

Here’s what De Benedictis has to say about the film:

I’m finally finishing up projects that have been taking many years to complete due to time restrictions and personal matters. I’m happy to announce my latest completion, and my first film ever! It’s a short-film documentary about my friend, music icon Robert Rich.

Considering how much his work has influenced me, and how much he helped and supported my own music through the years, I felt this was the least I could do.

This was an interview I filmed of him in 2011–which is how long it took to finish (lol). It was originally supposed to be something short and simple, but my Dean-ness took over while in production and now here we are. The work has it’s kinks, but overall it came out well for a first film. It will be available on all of my Fateless Flows Video pages (Youtube and Vimeo).

So yeah, I’ve finally begun my official foray into film making, and on a topic that couldn’t be more appropriate. Now I just need to find enough time to make another film without taking 6 years to do it.

You can learn more about Robert Rich at his site.

9 thoughts on “New Documentary Explores The Music & Ideas Of Synthesist Robert Rich

    1. “Sorry, never heard of him.”

      Well TimS, since you spend all your time on the internet proudly commenting on articles and issues you are admittedly completely ignorant of then your days must be full and long.

      No wonder you have never had the time to experience the beauty of Mr Rich’s creation.

  1. Leaving the inane “thoughts” to date aside, this documentary (and Robert’s work) are both wonderful, leaving us with lots to think and feel about. I’m happy to have discovered Robert’s work long ago and to have hosted concerts on a couple of his tours. It would be nice if this short brought some more attention to his work specifically and to these out-of-the-way forms of expression generally. Cheers!

  2. Haven’t heard of him before either, so thanks for posting 🙂 What’s the point of Synthtopia if not to find new things related to electronic music?

    Seems like a really engaged and firmly aware musician. Good stuff!

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