16 thoughts on “Kebu Performs ‘Perplexagon’ From A Pentagon Of Synths

  1. Very nice… Fascinating.

    I’m in the process of learning how to multitask with my synths (have a Virus and a Minilogue, about to get a drum machine). THis is a total noob question… he’s obviously triggering some of the changes with a sequencer, but I don’t really see him doing it. Is he possibly using footpedals, OR is his sequencer likely mapped out to trigger things after a certain number of measures and such? I’m trying to better understand the technical side of how people do what he’s doing. Thanks.

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    1. hes got an MPC back there, id imagine its just running a linear sequence of the whole song and hes just playing live parts on top of that…

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    2. Thanks, everyone.

      I see the MPC being used a lot, is it the current models or older ones that most people seem to use?

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    3. I’m really trying to figure out the best sequencer I can use without a computer. Elektron Octatrak seems nice but a bit out of my price range.

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  2. JD Ryan
    Good question … I’d be very interested in knowing this too… the actual mechanics of how a performance like this is put together is quite often a mystery if you’re not a gigging performer.

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  3. So let’s get this straight.. He doesn’t just pretend to look busy by adjusting knobs and sliders while jigging badly to a really lame beat he thinks is the best thing ever?

    You mean he actually plays the keyboards and makes music?

    Well done.

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