Build Your Own Roland TR-808 With The Yocto 2 (Sneak Preview)

e-licktronic shared this sneak preview of their upcoming Yocto 2, an updated version of their Roland TR-808 clone.


  • 12 analog instruments cloned of the Roland TR-808 and Boss PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer
  • 128 Rhythm patterns from 1 to 16 steps
  • 16 tracks of 999 measures
  • 1  external instrument track by pattern that can store 99 notes like SH101 sequencer style.
  • A Midi keyboard mode allow you to play external Midi device
  • Multi out for each instruments
  • Individual accent for BD, SD, LT, MT, HT, RS, HC and CH
  • A total accent track
  • Master out (L/R Mono) 6Vp-p 1Kohm
  • tempo  30 – 250 Bpm
  • 7 shuffle levels
  • 4 scales (1/8t, 1/16, 1/16t and 1/32)
  • 4 sequencer directions (forward, backward, ping-pong and random)
  • Easy copy and paste pattern function
  • Shift left or right the entire pattern or individual instrument
  • In/Out/Thru Midi
  • DinSync 24ppqn Out
  • Trig Out 2ms +5V

The kit includes:

  • Two PCBs  (the MainBoard and the IO board)
  • All potentiometers
  • All transistors  (original 2SC828R, 2SC945P, 2SA733P and 2SK30A
  • Two BA6110 (One for the Handclap VCA and the other for the Boss PC-2 VCA)
  • One AN6912
  • One HD14584BP
  • The µC preprogrammed (an Atmega1284P)
  • Six 1N34A germanium Diodes

All other parts are available on the Yocto v2.0 Mouser BOM.

Pricing and Availability

The Yocto 2 will be available in May, 2017 as a DIY kit – including PCBs, potentiometers, rare parts and switches – priced at 295,00 € tax excl. Additional costs include the common parts from Mouser and a case.

7 thoughts on “Build Your Own Roland TR-808 With The Yocto 2 (Sneak Preview)

  1. Great. Would be even more awesome if it could co-exist with Cocteau (2) expansion board for tweakable sounds beyond traditional 808.

    1. If you look closely at the PCB picture, you can see many unpopulated pots and switches, I believe these are mods already integrated ine the Yocto 2.

      1. Agreed. The only sound i like out of the 808 is the kick. 909 sounds i love, plenty of sonic room to play with and transform them. I feel 808 sounds tend to get messy fast (and i am so sick of hearing that 808 hat everywhere, quit beat repeating and compose a damn drum part)

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