The Sound Co. Intros Vintage Synth Collection

The Sound Co has introduced The Vintage Synth Collection, a set of sound libraries based on vintage synths.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

THE VINTAGE SYNTH COLLECTION brings the sound of retro synth hardware directly to your DAW. We’ve multi-sampled some iconic hardware synthesizers through amazing analog audio gear, giving them a unique sonic character and an authentic representation of playing the synth itself!

The libraries currently include: Minimoog Model D, Oberheim OB-Xa, Korg Poly-800 & Korg MS-20. See The Sound Co. site for details.

6 thoughts on “The Sound Co. Intros Vintage Synth Collection

  1. Finally! I was wondering when someone would sample some iconic hardware synthesizers instead of sampling the same’ol iconic synthesizers.

  2. You make an hilarious and spot-on point.

    I guess there are quite a few ways one could approach sampling hardware synths, ranging from just getting the raw oscillators and letting Kontakt (or whatever) handle the filtering– to trying to set up a few difficult to emulate filter sweeps, or just grabbing everyone’s favorite presets, or gathering some lesser used sounds. And then do you sample every note? Do you sample different envelope/LFO speeds?

    One wonders what sets this libraries apart from ALL the others.

      1. Lol yeah not the most versatile synth. But not a bad for beginners wanting some subtractive synth polyphony. Price wise though I’d recommend an ESQ-1 for versatility and best menu access and button layout for single data slider programming I’ve come across.

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