Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

This video, via SSM Curtis, demos the Roland SH-2 monophonic analog synthesizer.

The Roland SH-2 synth is a vintage monosynth design (1978) that features two VCO’s, a sub oscillator and a 24db/oct self-resonating filter. 

While the SH-2 doesn’t offer a lot of bells and whistles, it offers great analog sound, immediate hands-on control of synth parameters, CV/Gate control and audio intput.

If you’ve used the Roland SH-2, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

8 thoughts on “Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

  1. ….. and now with our vision firmly fixed on the rear vision mirror, let us turn once more and again rotate our stiff and sore necks to the 70’s to remember through rose colored glasses the days when simplicity reigned and synthetic sound was generated by a mind bending number of oscillators. Sine. Sawtooth. Square…… maybe Triangle.
    Having got that off my chest, I owned every Roland in the SH series and regret having sold all of them long ago. My favorite oddly was the SH-7. Nah, make that the 5. Oh, I dunno, they were all great in their own way. Forget what I said.

  2. I traded my P600 for an SH2 a while back. Best trade I ever made ! This synth is wonderful! It will cut through everything in a mix, has a very full sound but says subtle at the same time. I use is as a solo synth in my band to get that sharp, full and wonderful 80s like sound.
    One of the unusual things is the keyboard layout, as it runs from F to F. but somehow this works even better then the normal C to C layouts…

  3. I have an SH-2 that sounds amazing, but doesn’t get much use ever since one of the oscillators crapped out on me a while back. The one functioning oscillator is still good as ever for deep basses though.

  4. One of the top ten analog synths of all time. To own it is to love it. And it can do pretty stuff as well as the obvious raw bass and leads (check Duran’s save a prayer sequence or the chauffeur for example). Discreet VCOs are very special in this! It has a better tone than even the jupiters.

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