Superbooth Preview – This Is Not Rocket Science

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This Is Not Rocket Science shared a sneak preview of some new Eurorack modules that they will be showing at Superbooth 17, scheduled for April 20-22 in Berlin.

Their lineup includes:

  • Tuesday –  a procedural sequencer.
  • Wobbler – a Low-Frequency Oscillator capable of very complex waveforms. Provides a physical modelling building block – a twangable resonator – to build interesting percussion.
  • Edgecutter – Envelope. A highly visual envelope providing immediate feedback on the current shape and timing of your control curves.
  • BigFish – a full synth voice module

Here’s a preview of their Tuesday procedural sequencer in action, driving an x0x-heart voice:

Details on several of the new modules is available at their site.

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