Zetaohm Launches Fluxus One Voltage Sequencer Kickstarter

Developer Tenkai Kariya let us know that Zetaohm has completed design of its first module, the Fluxus One Voltage Sequencer and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production.

Here’s what Kariya has to say about the Fluxus One:

Adding Fluxus One to your modular is an instantly gratifying experience. It highlights the capabilities of your existing gear, and provides you with a fine precision tool to simultaneously control multiple facets of your modular patch. It will help you to bring more pythagorean musicality into your system, or allow you to embrace utter chaos with its modulation and microtonal capabilities. We have worked very hard to bring a concept to life.

Four channels, sixty four steps

Each output channel can send one gate, and two CV signals. Each CV output range is 20Vpp. Each pitch output is quantized, and will sequence over a user definable 10V range anywhere within the 20V swing. In a world of analog and digital modules, each with unique CV input requirements, the Fluxus One will allow you to adapt the output voltage to the range of the module you are sequencing. Each channel can behave as an independent sequencer, and can be externally clocked from individually. Per channel settings include step length, clock division, scale quantization as well as input modulation mapping.

Kariya says that the module design is complete, and will begin manufacturing after Superbooth17.


  • Four Channel Sixty Four Step Sequencer
  • Four gate outputs (0-8v)
  • Eight CV outputs (±10v, 16-bit, 2 per channel)
  • Per-step arpeggiator with speed select
  • Scale quantization (microtonal scales planned)
  • Four Assignable Gate Inputs
  • Per-channel clock input (4-32ppq)
  • Pattern advance / select (with CV input)
  • Arp / glide / random enable
  • Four Assignable CV inputs (±5v, 13-bit)
  • Pitch transposition modulation
  • Arp speed modulation
  • Dedicated Clock Output
  • Selectable clock division
  • 16mB Built-in Flash Memory
  • Save up to 1024 sequences (16 sets of 16×4)
  • 3.5mm + USB MIDI Input + Output
  • Sync to your computer over USB
  • Sync to other gear with 3.5mm MIDI dongle
  • Built-in Tuner
  • Connect oscillator output to CV input 1 – 4
  • 100% Open Source OS (Teensy compatible)
  • Update software over USB
  • 26hp / 200ma 12v / 50ma -12v

Pricing and Availability

The Zetaohm Fluxus One is available to project backers, starting at US $575, with an expected delivery of July. After that, it’s expected to be priced at $675.


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