Behringer Intros DeepMind 12 Desktop, DeepMind 6 Synthesizers

At Superbooth 17, Behringer introduced two new synths: the DeepMind 12 Desktop and the DeepMind 6:

  • The DeepMind 12 Desktop is essentially the same synth engine as the keyboard version, and will be priced at $899.
  • The DeepMind 6 Keyboard has the same architecture and voices as its big brother, just with lower polyphony and no WiFi. It will be priced at $699.

We talked with Behringer engineer Rob Belcham, who gave us an overview of the two new synths.

Patches will be interchangeable between all the DeepMind synths, and a new polychain feature will be added in an upcoming firmware update.

18 thoughts on “Behringer Intros DeepMind 12 Desktop, DeepMind 6 Synthesizers

    1. The $100 price difference is surely driven more by the increased box size on the keyboard version and additional shipping than by the cheesy keyboard.

  1. “What else people would like us to make.”

    Make a simple rack shelf that is angled so not only the DM12 desktop could be racked but other “desktop” devices smaller than 19″ wide could be “racked” as well I am sick of desktop clutter and I would buy more “stuff” if manufacturers would get out of the “horizontal” mindset and realize most of us have limited space. Think “vertical” again! Rack stuff is so much easier to deal with for me and my work flow ergonomics. I have three different studios with tons of gear and I am sick and tired of “desktopcluttermania” lol!

      1. Yes! The racking options out there are not keeping pace with the hardware innovations.

        Between my rackable gear, my mini-key synths, and my should-be-rackable-small-form-factor gear (Roland Boutiques, Korg Volcas), my desk is a non-portable mess.

        Ikea and Home Depot hacks can only go so far.

        After seeing the midi controllers used to make the spaceship controls for Dark Matter, I’ve been wanting a setup just like that, but portable like a DJ coffin.

    1. Three studios? Well, if you need more space, make it four studios. Or consolidate in a larger area.

      I prefer the “horizontal” mindset. If you don’t like horizontal, just use some duct tape to hold the horizontal desktop units in a vertical position.

      1. Duct tape lol 😀 I’m old skool so prefer 19″ rack mount, but if you think about it, if all these new desktop pieces were rack mountable you’d end up eating up rack space pretty quickly and have to start adding even more racks which would end up eating up horizontal space anyway, unless you had racks that went all the way up to the ceiling, which I personally wouldn’t enjoy hsving to stand up all the time to tweak stuff on a step stool lol.

      2. lol, yeah duct tape, good suggestion.

        In my vintage gear studio, in just the space of one of my racks I have an Alesis DMPro,
        A WavestationSR, a Korg TR-Rack, a Roland XV-5080 all sub mixed into a Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro mixer racked as well and all within the same rack and at arms reach and eye level. Very comfortable and easy to work on hours at a time. I am surrounded by 4 such racks all filled with vintage gear that I raised about 10 inches off my work tables allowing me to also have 4 electribes, a Yamaha AN200 and a Yamaha DX200 below them, all within comfortable ergonomic reach and eye level. I also have room for 2 docked vintage iPads and my Roland JP-8000 below two more racks on the other side holding a MOTU 828 interface, one of two Midisport 8×8/s, another Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro sub mixer, a Korg MS2000BR and a Korg Radias rack.

        Use whatever gear you want to, for me there is no way to really use the gear I own unless it is comfortable and accessible for hours on end. In my drum studio I use both a TD-20 and a TD-10 would I prefer Roland made both units racks, hell yes.

        Would I prefer a KRONOS rack version to my 88X? Hell yes! lol seriously I have been doing this for many years now and whether someone else loves the horizontal mindset, no prob lol. Whatever floats your boat. The fact is the older I get the more important comfort and smart design comes to play when working with my gear.

        My main composition studio is built around a Korg Triton Pro, Triton Studio, Triton Rack, Roland Jupiter 80 and a KRONOS 88X so I obviously work in “horizontal” world as well lol, I just know that for me the ability to go vertical is always appreciated. YMMV or better yet just “stick” with your duct tape.


    1. Seriously? If so thats very cool. A Memorymoog re-issue would be cool (and probably un-affordable for most) Were did you here this rumor? Definately thickens the plot 😀

  2. I’d like to see Behringer clone a Fairlight as I could never afford one back in the day ….. ohh wait ….. I have one on my iPad .. never mind. How about an Oberheim 8 Voice?

  3. Deepmind 6 is extremely my shit. Right in my price range, full size keys (yeah, only 3 octaves, but honestly I’m not a good enough player that having a more is needed).

  4. can anyone pls tell me what panel sliders/controls are missing from the DM6 that are on the DM12? is there panel pics somewhere?

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