midiFILTr-PG Probability Gate MIDI Filter Effect For iOS

Developer Arthur Kerns shared this video demo for midiFILTr-PG – a Probability Gate MIDI effect that’s designed for Audiobus 3, but also usable with CoreMIDI.

midiFILTr-PG listens to MIDI input and, based on random chance, mutes some of the incoming notes. This takes a repetitive stream of notes and makes it sparser and more varied.

It has four modes:

  • Gate Mode – One set percentage to be muted for all notes. Also includes Gate On Repeats (when a note passes through unmuted, also pass through X more notes after) and Gate Off Repeats (when a note does not pass through the gate, also mute the next X notes) to make things a little more interesting.
  • Note Mode – Each note in the scale (C, C#, D etc) has its own percentage chance to mute incoming notes.
  • Sequencer Mode – Every eight notes has a different percentage chance to be muted. Can also change the sequence length to be less than eight.
  • Thru Mode – Nothing is muted.

If midiFILTr-PG is inserted as an Audiobus 3 MIDI effect, it should be setup and work automatically. If you wish to use it without Audiobus you can toggle the CoreMIDI input and output and use it that way.

Pricing and Availability

midiFILTr-PG is available now for US $2.99.

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