New Music From GAS, NARKOPOP

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Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt, aka GAS, has released a new album, NARKOPOP.

NARKOPOP continues the GAS aesthetic of symphonic scope and subtle variation, taking the listener on an ‘otherworldly journey to the depths of rapture and reverie’.

Here’s the official video preview:

NARKOPOP is available on CD or as a deluxe vinyl/CD release or on digital services.

5 thoughts on “New Music From GAS, NARKOPOP

  1. If you have heard the previous releases you will immediately identify this as music by GAS. The woozy sampled strings, dislocated Deutsche Gramaphon snatches of melody, and occasional bass throb, like hearing a loud club from half a mile away. There is a greater progression and slow drama compared to the earlier releases and a clearer journey through the album, so it is more engaging and less prone to outstay it’s welcome. The Basic Channel sound has been hugely influential but fewer have followed this idiosyncratic take on sampling. Excellent.

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