Superbooth 17 Remixed

Reader Kai Chonishvili (from the german magazine “Beat”) put together this remix, featuring gear at Superbooth 17.

“I recorded different performances from different companies (Elektron, Arturia, Novation etc.) with their new gear and mixed it like a DJ Set, so you have a constant flow,” notes Chonishvili.

Here is the playlist of featured gear:

00:00 Intro
00:27 Elektron Digitakt – performed by Cenk Sayinli
00:35 Behringer Deepmind 12 – performed by Rob Belcham
01:08 Tiptop Audio Modularsystem – performed by Konstantin Gerves
01:32 Arturia Matrixbrute – performed by Sebastien Rochard
01:54 Jomox Alpha Base – performed by Jürgen Michaelis
01:54 Novation Peak – performed by Dankmar Klein
02:46 NI Reaktor 6 & Modularsystem – performed by Dave Forrester
03:19 Kai Chonishvili sits in the Shuttle Train to SUPERBOOTH17
03:34 Ondomo – performed by Ayako Hase
03:51 Kai Chonishvili flies in a weird thing – performed at Roland Booth
03:51 Shuttlesystem – performed by Moritz Scharf
03:55 Yamaha Reface CS (modded) – performed by Robots
04:43 Waldorf Quantum – performed by Rolf Wöhrmann
05:05 Credits

4 thoughts on “Superbooth 17 Remixed

  1. Thanks but I refuse to watch it. I just don’t have any horizontal space left for new toys. Outta sight outta mind ….. this stuff doesn’t exist and I’m content .. (note to self repeat over and over again in mantra) 😀

    1. Well, next superbooth I’m going to sell “horizontal space”. I may even make a Kickstarter out of it. I just have to find a Japanese partner to design the smallest, high capacity studio ever built. And it’ll be portable, and of course, connected.

      1. ROFLMAO 😀 Well they do have those ‘cell’ motels over there in Japan, so maybe with a good Japanese engineer you guys could come up with some kind of horizontal ‘cell’ studios, and I can be your first customer 😀

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