Yamaha MX88 Synthesizer In-Depth Demo

At Superbooth 17, Yamaha introduced the MX88 – the flagship synth of their MX line.

We talked with Yamaha product specialist Blake Angelos, who gave us an in-depth demo of the MX88.

Key features of the Yamaha MX88 include:

  • Sound collection based on the Yamaha Motif sound engine contains everything from synthesizer leads and pads to realistic acoustic instrument sounds.
  • Yamaha’s Concert Grand Piano sound has been optimized for the MX88 keyboard.
  • The Yamaha MX88 connects easily to both Mac OS X and Windows computers via a class-compliant, bi-directional USB audio/MIDI interface. This makes it easy to record into a DAW or to monitor the computer’s output through the keyboard’s ¼” audio outputs or headphone jack.
  • A full selection of effects
  • Easy Split/Layer Performance Mode
  • 16-part Multi timbral operation and 128-note polyphony
  • Extensive hands-on control for VSTs and DAWs
  • A software bundle that includes Steinberg Cubase AI

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha MX88 is available now with an MSRP of $1,299. See the Yamaha site for more info.

12 thoughts on “Yamaha MX88 Synthesizer In-Depth Demo

    1. I never understood why Yamaha continues to re-use all of those dated PCM sounds… and this is coming from someone who used Motif synths for years. With all the resources they have, why cant they at the very least update the sounds or create something completely new?

        1. I think it is more likely that the same team of people who create the libraries have their specific tastes and practices. So, for THEM, if it ain’t broke…

          For many of us, there is room for improvement. Granted everyone will have different opinions about what is the most usable and musical sound from an EP or from a violin, etc. However, if they did some kind of beta sound testing you’d find testers would say, “that sax sounds hilarious.” or “what’s going on with that rhodes?”

      1. Do you really think the average synthesist wants ‘something completely new’?

        In a world where Korg’s hottest products are clones of 30-year old gear, Roland’s hottest products are remakes of 30-year old gear, Moog’s latest synth is a re-release of a 30-year old synth, and people are wetting their pants over Behringer introducing a knockoff of a 30-year old synth?

        People buy 88-key axes to PLAY on, not to make ‘fart noises’ on. (This is coming from a guy who’s made his share of ‘fart noise’ patches in his day!)

        The MX88 looks like a pretty affordable keyboard for that market, and also like it offers a lot of bang for the buck. Are there any other comparable keyboards for less? I think below $1,000 or so, the 88-note keyboards are designed for the home piano market.

  1. I swear to God that I thought this was an archived product release from the late 80’s early 90’s for the first few as I skipped passed the intro. Tiny screens, hard to see button layout (all dark it looked), and the sounds were pretty dated. Is our whole culture dipping back into the 80’s for design tips these days? Good player though.

    1. The MX series ISN’T their top range. This is their mid-range. Sort of like the Krome is for Korg. Montage is Yamaha’s top-of-the-line. Let me correct that. It looks like the MX series is more equivalent to Korg’s Kross, which is entry-level. The MOXF is kind of their mid-range synth/workstation.

  2. Yamaha doing what they do – selling the same synth over and over with a slightly different look and one or two new features. This time the new feature is IOS connectivity. Don’t know who’s supposed to get excited over this?

  3. Come on people – this is a decent keyboard for the price. Not everybody can afford the $4000 Montage or Nord Stage 2. WTF do you expect?

    1. Exactly Dirk. I’ve found from experience most of the negative comments are from people who either own a cheap board or none at all. They are the worst critics telling others what they need. Reminds me of the days when I was renting out my system. (Allen & Heath console, Crown amps and JBL arrays and subs with Lexicon effects and DBX compressors) These nitwits would come in and demand stereo monitor mixes and criticize my gear. Many times I’d run into them later using their own system at a club or venue. Guess what? They’d have two Peavey 15’s and a powered 12 channel board with two wedges. LOL. You are correct. The MX88 is what it is and a fine board.

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