10 ‘Finger Twisters’ Combine Keyboards & Finger Drumming

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Gil Assayas (GLASYS) has been getting busy with his ‘Finger Twisters’ – a set of 10 short compositions that combine keyboard chops with simultaneous finger drumming. 

Technical Details:

No sequences or overdubs are used.

Gear used: DSI Prophet 6, Nord Stage 2 EX, Studio Electronics? Boomstar 4075, Therevox? ET-4, Akai? MPK Mini, MWFX? Judder, MXR? Carbon Copy, Suzuki? Pro-37 Melodica.

14 thoughts on “10 ‘Finger Twisters’ Combine Keyboards & Finger Drumming

  1. Love the chord progression and cool rhythms in #1 Unwinder, a short ditty but fun packed.

    #4 Pteradactyl is pretty fun. A nice lil 6/4 groove.

    #5 False Familiarity is amazing! At first, I thought it wasn’t in 4, but then it became clear how the rhythm goes. Very clever and wonderful little piece!!

    #8 Leon’s Dream is lovely. Such beautiful chords. #9 Chopanic is just dang impressive.

    It’s official. Gil’s a monster.

    The tones are all spectacular, except for the drums. Perhaps Gil could find some more interesting and dynamic drum sounds to go along with all his other lovely synth tones.

  2. Really appreciate the post, Synthtopia! Honored to see my video on my favorite website.
    Big thanks to everyone who wrote feedback and shared, too!

  3. Nice tone on the Therevox, fits in with the other synths but is definitely unique. Would like to hear it used for bass too, I’ve heard the square waves are sick at ultra low frequencies.

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