Cinematic Automobile Sound Design Deconstructed

This short video, via Nick von Kaenel, deconstructs a few seconds of some cinematic automobile sound design. 

The video highlights how much effort goes into creating even a few seconds of cinematic sound – and how the sound effects are complete fabrications, designed to create a sense of exaggerated realism.

3 thoughts on “Cinematic Automobile Sound Design Deconstructed

  1. That was really cool, I really liked the last sound where they showed a layer pitch shifted with volume automation/modulation

  2. I would call it a nice example for a worthless effort! These days, if you want to impress and surprise (like in the case of an ad), better be more down to earth, ’cause it’s been decades since we are getting used to sounds on steroids, and sometimes bored too. This does not mean it would be easier! Audio rules in many ways: it should rule also over marketing.

  3. I could watch/listen to this stuff all day. Amazing that the breakdown was for like 4 seconds of on screen audio from a 30 second spot.

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