Hans Berg – In The Studio

This video, via FACT magazine, is a short video profile of Swedish techno artist Hans Berg.

Video Summary:

An analog synth paradise.

Whether he’s making techno for Berlin warehouse parties or atmospheric soundtracks for installations made in collaboration with his partner Nathalie Djurberg, Hans Berg is a expert at producing with hardware.

We visited the Swedish artist at his Berlin studio, where he showed us how he combines organic with electronic sounds as well as giving us a tour of his prized analog synths, including the vintage Korg Mono/Poly.

9 thoughts on “Hans Berg – In The Studio

  1. ‘Hey, I have lots of expensive and good synths, very good synths. I only know basic synthesis but I am an artist, very artist, just wiggle some knobs. Here’s some techno, sounds shit but it could sound good, next time, this west coast is really good, have no idea what it is but I have it, very west coast.’

    Everything is wrong about this video, no offense to the guy, he is having fun and that is great but he should just keep it to himself (at least the techno part).

    1. you’re totally right… its like a competition about who is the most offensive and agressive in the comment section.

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