‘Synth City’, First International Synthesizer Day, Coming May 23, 2017

Organizers have announced that on the 23rd of May, ‘Synth City’ will be launched as the first international synthesizer day.

The event is conceived to be an annual celebration, celebrating the contribution of the synthesizer to the world. The celebration will be transmitted live from WWFM – Gilles Peterson (London), Teder.FM (Tel Aviv), Dublab (LA) and more to TBA.

Here’s what organizers have to say about Synth City:

The Synthesizers’ contribution to the world stretches far beyond that of a musical instrument; it has changed the way we construct and use instruments, broke the boundaries and limitations of the way we compose music and challenged our ideas of listening at large. It had become a major force in shaping the identity of the current generation, by contributing to the making of musical creation accessible to the masses.

While first attempts at sound synthesis have remained moody experimental abstract soundscape heard only behind the closed doors of the cinema, one creator managed to take the electric keyboard experiment and turn it to a household musical instrument – Robert Moog. Ever since introducing his version of the modular synthesizer to the public in the late 60’s, Moog’s influence on the universe of music as we know it has been becoming clearer with each day.

The first annual international Synth City event will take place on Moog’s date of birth, May 23rd, 2017. It will celebrate the instrument that made peace between the old and the new, and and kicked our musical evolution up to the next level of exponential growth in novelty and diversity.

Alongside Bob Moog, Synth City will note the works, minds, feels and legacies of synth heroes such as Herbie Hancock, Aphex Twin, Bruce Haack, Delia Derbyshire, Jean Michel Jarre, Suzanne Ciani and Kraftwerk. Working together with music lovers from all around the globe, we believe we can make this special day last forever, and keep echoing the works of these masters.

Synth City is open to anyone that wants to get involved.

In addition to participating as listeners, readers can get involved by joining the community on Facebook to share images, articles, ideas and advice. Organizers are also encouraging local events – whether it’s a concert, a meetup or informal get together with other synth fans.

7 thoughts on “‘Synth City’, First International Synthesizer Day, Coming May 23, 2017

  1. I dislike the strong association of the celebration of synthesizers with just one man. R. Moog did not invent “the synthesizer”, nor has he made them, what they are today.

    1. I have to agree. It’s like crediting Henry Ford with the entirety of the automobile industry (this would be a better comparison if there were three or so other Henry Fords running around). He made one of the most successful early commercially viable systems, yes, but Moog synths were just too expensive to have that much to do with the spread and evolution of synthesizers throughout the music industry. I think that Roland and Korg need equal credit for making instruments that mere mortals could afford, for example.

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