20 thoughts on “Xils-Lab PolyM A Virtual Moog PolyMoog (Sneak Preview)

  1. The Polymoog was not a very good synthesizer, but for some reason I’m kind of excited by this. I think it’s just a holdover from my youth and remembering reading about it’s creation. IIRC, the circuit design for the envelopes and filters came to the designer in a dream one night.

    1. Yeah I remember attending the launch of the Polymoog when I was in my late teens and being very underwhelmed. Moog gave each of us this IC chip incased in clear acylic set in a silver jewelry piece meant to be worn on a necklace .. supposedly the chip was one used in the Polymoog they were showing, I still have it somewhere round here lol. This Xils version looks a lot more interesting to me too 😀

      1. That was how they solved the polyphonic vs paraphonic issue. One custom IC per key to handle envelopes and filters. Oscillators were divide-down like the Arp Omni.

      2. They got a lot of bad Polycom chips out of the box, so somebody had the bright idea to turn them into jewelry. (I’m not being snarky, this is actually true)

      3. Hi Rick, I had a Polymoog back in the day and still have the IC chip necklace too. That chip was courtesy of Dave Luce who is known as the father of the Polymoog. I just got my PolyM and am disappointed not to find the original patches included. Hopefully, that will get done. There’s one that I’m looking for.

    2. Yes, Graham, I feel exactly the same way! I worked with one for a couple years back in the day, and was very underwhelmed by its limited tonal palette. I liked the CZ-101 a LOT more when it came out. But I can tell that when this virtual polymoog is released I won’t be able to resist buying it. Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

  2. Brings back memories. When the Polymoog was first released I attended a demo of it at the Marshall Tucker Band’s recording studio in SC. I remember the thing that really blew me away was playing chords with sample & hold routed to the filter. Had never heard that prior (to my knowledge).

  3. Finally a company makes a good announcement video. Not filled with tons of promises, but with a great sounding demo.

  4. Never seen an original PolyMoog, but like a lot Xils version of this vintage synth. Xils emulators seem to give you the best bits of the original idea. From my point of view they’re up there with Arturia when it comes to bringing new life to old synths,, and Xils tend to pick unusual ones. Nearly as good as the PolyKobol emu, this one. Hoping they’ll do some old Italian or Russian synths and give ’em the Xils treatment!

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