Erica Synths FusionBox Combines BBD Delay With Vacuum Tube Warmth

The Erica Synths Fusionbox is multifunctional analog effects unit that combines BBD chip based effects – delay, flanger, chorus – with tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path.

For more flexibility, lowpass filtering is fully adjustable from none to extreme.

Another unique feature is Vintage Stereo Ensemble. Vintage Stereo Ensemble provides the classic “stereo ensemble” effect, found on many vintage synthesizers. In stereo ensemble effect, the delayed, processed and filtered sound is added back to the dry (mono) audio with inverted phase for one channel, and direct phase in other. This gives it the distinct and unique moving character, different than that obtained with chorus effects.

Fusionbox has adjustable input gain, therefore it works with various sound sources – guitars, units with line level signals (synthesizers, grooveboxes, etc.) and modular synths. The foot switch lets you switch on or bypass effects.


  • Delay and Flanger effects
  • Vintage Ensemble Stereo effect
  • Tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path
  • FX send/receive connector
  • Footswitch connector
  • 2 BBD chips (1024 and 4096 stages)
  • Passive Lowpass filter for extreme subbass sound

Pricing and Availability

The Erica Synths FusionBox is available for 440 EUR, + 21% VAT.

10 thoughts on “Erica Synths FusionBox Combines BBD Delay With Vacuum Tube Warmth

  1. I don’t get it why no midi or saving your settings for a standalone box like this.
    If it had that i would buy it. Its out of the modular but you are still limited to the short comings of modular system.

    But its sound amazing do.

  2. Wondering if the delay effect can be bypassed allowing the signal to go through the drive/tube, making this a more versatile effect box.

    Or if the dry/wet is universal

      1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but with other hardware and even some software it can cause “ringing” or phasing as the signal still is being processed with an extremely short delay.

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