Junkie XL On One Bassline, Many Synths (Mad Max Fury Road Soundtrack)

In the latest of his Studio Time series, composer Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) talks about creating synth basslines for the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack.

He talks about some of the hardware synths that he uses for basslines, along with some software synth plugins. He also discusses his process for experimenting with different options and combining hardware and software to get the sound he wants. 

Video Summary:

Taking a bassline from “Brothers in Ams”, I route it to several hardware and software synths to showcase the difference in character each one (or a combination) creates.

4 thoughts on “Junkie XL On One Bassline, Many Synths (Mad Max Fury Road Soundtrack)

  1. Had an SE1x and sold it after comparing it to the Slim Phatty.
    It seems like a bad choice, as the SE has way more options and controls, but the user interface was actually quite painful to use. Adjusting the volume for each oscillator has to be done through the digital side. Very tedious to jump through these many pages. Also a hassle to come back out, there’s no exit button.
    The envelopes were tight, but not as tight as the Moog.

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