Berlin Atonal Announces 2017 Dates, Lineup

Organizers have announced the dates and preliminary lineup for the 2017 Berlin Atonal music festival. The “fifth edition of its modern era,” this year Berlin Atonal will include over 100 musicians, sound and visual artists, performers and DJs for a five day stretch, August 16 – 20.

A highlight of this week’s initial program announcement is a special opening night concert, and a series of ten world premiere live shows throughout the weekend, which will include:

  • ALTAR, the new collaboration between Roly Porter and Paul Jebanasam, based on a performance of ritual system music
  • Atonal regular and “electronic music enfant terrible” Powell on stage performing with Turner prize-winning artist Wolfgang Tillmans, performing a live A/V show.
  • Chinese performance artist and composer Pan Daijing will debut her extraordinary new work entitled Fist Piece, a composed live act focusing on voice and the relationship between bodies.
  • A new live performance conceived by Swedish duo Roll The Dice, consisting of Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon, doing “a fractured type of smoky basement, jazz-infused” electronic music.
  • OKTOPHONIE, the 8-channel spatial acousmatic piece composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen as part of his monumental opera cycle LICHT.
  • Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Copenhagen-based “noisenik” Frederikke Hoffmeier. For Berlin Atonal 2017 she has prepared a brand new live performance entitled A Feast Before the Drought.
  • Inga Mauer, who before now has better been known as the irrepressible and surprising DJ who honed her craft at Stackenschneider in St. Petersburg, has now turned her instinctive taste for industrial, EBM and new wave music into a debut live show.
  • Sophie Schnell aka PYUR  joins the lineup with her newest musical venture Oratorio for the Underworld – striking a balance between familiarity and an all-consuming immensity, particularly when heard on a full range sound system.
  • Lemna, (Tokyo-based producer Maiko Okimoto), only performs live and never DJs, brings her rhythmically experimental techno infused show to Berlin Atonal 2017.

Event ticket information

Festival Passports are €115 and are now on sale via the Berlin Atonal website. 2017 Berlin Atonal Festival Passports allow full entry into the Kraftwerk complex for the duration of the festival (August 16 – 20), including aftershow parties.  Single-day tickets, as well as further program announcements will be released on June 20.

For additional information visit the Berlin Atonal event website.

2 thoughts on “Berlin Atonal Announces 2017 Dates, Lineup

  1. “ALTAR, the new collaboration between Roly Porter and Paul Jebanasam, based on a performance of ritual system music”


    i need to get to berlin atonal one year

  2. with all due respect to the amazing artists… there are too many regulars on the lineup and things start to become repetetive… i think it would be better if Atonal took another 13 year break for things to refresh

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