IK Multimedia Syntronik Features The Sound Of 38 Synthesizers

IK Multimedia has introduced Syntronik, a new software synthesizer that features 17 instruments, with over 2,000 preset sounds. Syntronik combines samples from 38 classic synths with an circuit-modeled filter section.

The synth engine features circuit-level models of four filters:

  • Moog transistor ladder, (found in the Minimoog and Modular Moog);
  • Roland’s IR3109 chip (found in the Jupiter-8 and Juno-60);
  • The famous Curtis CEM3320 chip (found in the Prophet-5, Oberheim OB-Xa and Memorymoog); and
  • The Oberheim SEM state variable filter.

Adding to Syntronik’s flexibility, you can mix and match filters within the 17 instruments.

Here are the official video intros:

Syntronik is based on samples from 38 synths and string machines:

Alesis Andromeda
ARP 2600
ARP String Ensemble (Solina)
Elka Rhapsody 490
Hohner String Performer
Minimoog Model D
Modular Moog
Moog Opus 3
Moog Prodigy
Moog Rogue
Moog Taurus I
Moog Taurus II
Moog Taurus 3
Moog Voyager
Oberheim OB-X
Oberheim OB-Xa
Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module)
PPG Wave 2.3
Realistic Concertmate MG-1
Roland Juno-60
Roland Jupiter-4
Roland Jupiter-6
Roland Jupiter-8
Roland JX-10
Roland JX-3P
Roland JX-8P
Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings
Roland RS-505 Paraphonic
Roland TB-303 Bassline
Sequential Circuits Prophet-10
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
Yamaha CS-01II
Yamaha CS-80
Yamaha GX-1
Yamaha SY99

Pricing and Availability

Syntronik is available to pre-order for an intro price of US $149.99 or $99.99 for crossgrades.

24 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Syntronik Features The Sound Of 38 Synthesizers

    1. How else are they going to keep the kid’s attention spans? :/

      I agree. You want to make a real demo? Give that shit to some someone who scores films and can compose so we can at the very least hear the “subtleties” you’re trying to sell. 16 bar loop on repeated isn’t helping you in the least bit.

  1. Half the people who visit Synthtopia could make a better demo than this. IK Media: drop me a line sometime. Seriously. Why not use actual sounds that are unmistakably from these iconic synths? I could do it in 30 minutes. Instead you play some drum n’ bass loop for five minutes?? Why??

  2. Somewhere… in the land between Kontakt based romplers and modeled soft synths exists this. Sample based oscillators, meh. Modeled filters, better. Big effects rack, ok. Mix and match between them, sounds interesting. Some odd omissions like the mini Moog’s 3rd oscillator.

    Just not sure what to make of this yet. Seems like it would fill a gap for many people with the number of classic synths it emulates. I want to like it too. Just don’t feel like I’m sold on it yet for some unknown reason, maybe the limited sound design possibilities and compromises. I’m sure it’s good for what it is though.

  3. As someone who as either owned or at least played/programmed most of the gear on this list, the teaser video is kind of a whatever, I know what the originals sound like, and I would buy this just based on the specs. I use Arturia’s Analog Lab as well as UVI’s Vintage Vault so I love classic collection offerings. I’ll buy it.

  4. They have a newer video on their youtube channel, which is even worse. Somewhat insulting to people who actually know something about synths, I don’t get who this product is targeted at…

    1. If you’re buying a virtual instrument of a squillion old synths, then you’re probably less of a synth geek. This will give you the starter sounds you might want. It could even be a gateway……

  5. “This product only partly meets my needs and the music in the demo video is not my favorite genre. Time to rage!”

  6. I do not understand, I’ve studied the program and every synth has the same sound structure, modulation intervention possibilities are limited. To change are just waveforms, otherwise the structure is identical to all the synths, for each synth it is possible to switch all types of filter. But how does a Alesis Andromeda have the same modulation structure as a Moog Taurus 1?

    1. The phrase “… expandable further by using Sample Tank” feels like a giveaway to what’s really going on under the hook with this collection.

  7. Looks like a good bundle of fun and certainly cheaper than trying to own 38 hardware synths!! Sure the sounds will not blow your mind, but deffo usable, stick them through an analog heat or Sherman filter bank and you;re good to go

  8. Most of these recent packages seem to cover the same synths all around. In my opinion, there are quite some other keyboards which have not been sampled this often and would make this bundle much more attractive to a number of users.

  9. When will somebody come out with a good Roland Alpha Juno emulation? IKM should have got that squeezed in this.

  10. I’ll take 2 incase one breaks down on the road ….. afterall Rick Wakeman has what .. like six Minimoogs for that very reason 😉

  11. I’m synth noob, but I love playing with software synths to create interesting sounds. It’s a great relaxing activity for me. I checked out the IK Multimedia web site and did the math:

    $99 Crossgrade price by finally registering my iRig Keys controller
    -$30 JamPoints from the iRig and several iOS app purchases
    $69 That’s $1.82/synth. Cheaper than most any iOS synth app.
    I pre-ordered…
    Play On!

  12. After reading all posts here and on KVR Forums, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve jumped the gun by preordering Syntronic…
    I’ve got NI Komplete 11 Ultimate and Arturia V 5.3 Collection already and I begging to wonder if my pre order purchase of Syntronic makes sense at all..?

  13. Hmmm. I have an Andromeda, and the reissued MiniMoog, and Sub37. Sure, I’d like a real Jupiter 8, and a CS-80 but have to settle for some emulations. I have the arturia 5.3 collection. So, we’ll have to see whether this one really adds something new once it’s been out a while.

  14. Listened to the demo of Juno 60. Very far from his original, and this is said softly. I say so because I play every day on the original Juno 60. All this is marketing trick. If everything was so simple, then the prices for the originals would not be so high.

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