The Oval Electronic Percussion Instrument

Developer and multi-instrumentalist Geert Bevin shared this quick demo of his new Oval electronic percussion instrument.

The Oval is a Handpan-style MIDI controller that features 8 percussion pads, with gesture tracking, pressure sensitivity, X+Y location and RGBW LED illumination system. It works with any MIDI-compatible software.

Details are available at the OvalSound site.

4 thoughts on “The Oval Electronic Percussion Instrument

  1. Nice performance Geert!
    I have also got the Oval (as very early backer on Kickstarter) and like the feel of the Oval, but am a little dissapointed by the latency and frequent crashes when using the Oval app.
    My guess is that you used an external soundsource with the MIDI interface on the Oval for your video (and not the app)?

    1. Thanks Tim! Nope, this is all the app, but with a direct USB connection not Bluetooth. Bluetooth MIDI has an inherent latency that is unsuitable for percussion (can’t remember the exact number, I seem to remember it’s around 18ms). The app hasn’t crashed on me.

  2. This thing has been in a preorder state forever. And that price is nuts. Buy a JamKat from Alternate Mode instead. More triggers, better hardware, more stable and long-running company…

  3. Great thing, but i just can advice to create an own sound engine to this gear! even sample based would give better response!
    The lack of MIDI sucks! I think 8 notes are not enough! Why not having additional buttons and pots for changing parameters!? this is what a hand pan can´t do and digital stuff could do …. capacitive touch in combination with piezo would give possibilities to play detuned and more homogenic!

    heading 4 V2 😉 btw. nice performance! would be interesting to see whats happening when playing a bit more spectacular ….

    little hint 😉 —>

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