The Piino Portable Synthesizer – A Mobile Music Sketchpad

Designer Jack Marple shared these images of the Piino Portable Synthesizer – a synth designed to be a mobile music sketchpad.

He doesn’t share any info about it, but it appears to be a design concept, created as a student at Arizona State University.

Would you be interested in a Piino mobile synth? Share your thought in the comments!

About the Piino:

Piino is a portable synthesizer that allows electronic musicians to create music on the go. Designers and artist have ways to record thoughts and ideas by sketching it in a sketchbook. Musicians have no such thing.

Piino is the solution to this problem; it helps musicians express and compile musical ideas while they are traveling. It is a synthesizer and workstation that includes a 10 key range, customizable effect knobs and sliders, an interactive touch screen, and a trackpad for extra sound manipulation. Piino folds up and becomes a portable device that can go anywhere with you. Piino makes creating music on the go finally possible.

via Yanko Design