Vangelis – Blade Runner (End Titles) Live Cover By Kebu

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Kebu (Sebastian Teir) returns, with a live cover of VangelisEnd Titles from Blade Runner.

We asked Teir to tell us about his performance, and this is what he told us:

I was invited to give a concert at the FedCon 26 science fiction convention in Bonn, Germany in the beginning of June. I made two new covers with the event in mind. Since the new Blade Runner movie is coming out this year, I thought it would be timely to make a cover of the original theme.

I tried to make the cover as closely to the original as I could, using only my analog synthesizers.

Technical Details:

Teir also shared the details of his rig for this performance:

Alesis Andromeda A6: Brass lead and low bass
Korg Mono/Poly: Main arpeggio
Roland Alpha Juno 1: cowbell-type of sound in the first half and supporting pad in the second half.
Roland Alpha Juno 2: Timpanis (a preset sound!)
Touched-by-sound DRM1: Clap (heavily filtered)
Roland TR808: all other drums
Korg Polysix: Main strings
Roland JX8P: additional strings
Korg Poly 61: Harp runs
Dave Smith Tetra: High-pitched effect sound
Oberheim Matrix 1000: additional brass

The whole mix was generated in realtime with the synths sequenced with an Akai MPC2500 and mixed with a Yamaha 01V96, with a couple of Lexicon outboard reverbs (MPX1, MPX500 & MPX550).

10 thoughts on “Vangelis – Blade Runner (End Titles) Live Cover By Kebu

  1. the most prominent synth in the rig isn’t listed. the jdxa with those beautiful red lights.

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  2. Brilliant cover!

    Main thoughts:
    – the Andromeda holds its own surprisingly well as a cs-80 replacement
    – even in this most rhythmic of all of bladerunner soundtrack’s pieces
    the melodic genious of Vangelis is striking. I very much doubt that
    Jonhannsson’s textures (as great as they are) can match up.
    – I am not clear what are the original instruments/samples used for the
    diverse and prominent metallic/clanging sounds in this piece.
    Any info that anyone has?

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    1. Since recorded history of Earth there has only ever been one Vangelis, Miles Davis, Nina Simone et al.

      Alhough this is true for every person, when it comes to composition :
      unfair comparing “dime a dozen” as Jóhann Jóhannsson to once in the history of Earth as Vangelis.

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