Behringer D Analog Synthesizer Available To Pre-Order For $299

Behringer’s Minimoog Model D clone, the Behringer D, is now available to pre-order at some online retailers, priced at US $299.

The Behringer D is a Eurorack-sized synth, inspired by Moog’s legendary analog monosynth. It expands on the original by adding MIDI and some additional CV control.


  • 3 voltage-controlled oscillators
  • 24dB voltage-controlled filter with resonance
  • Filter selectable for lowpass or highpass
  • Noise generator (selectable between White and Pink Noise)
  • Overdrive circuit
  • USB-MIDI plus 5-pin DIN In and Thru
  • CV connectivity
  • Glide (portamento)
  • External audio input
  • Low-output and high-output 1/4″ outs
  • Behringer’s 3-year warranty

Behringer has not released an official demo for the Behringer D at this point. Here’s a preview of the Behringer D from Superbooth 17:

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer D analog synthesizer module is available to preorder now for US $299, and is expected to begin shipping in September, 2017.

Update: It appears that the Behringer D was listed as available for pre-order prematurely. Behringer has not made an official announcement on pricing or availability, but the Behringer D is expected to be available for US $299 in September, 2017.

118 thoughts on “Behringer D Analog Synthesizer Available To Pre-Order For $299

    1. I like it! I’m not going to preorder it but its on my wishlist. I play synths and I feel like commenting on how awesome that price is! <Exclamation point ending my sentence.

      Lets say its a step in the right direction. If everyone bailed on a company that has dropped in customer support and product stability, AKAI would be no more and Native Instruments would be second runner up. I'm pretty interested in a synth with no patch memory, feels like your more involved and unable to get lost in patches which is my curse. I think the only synth I've ever programmed was a Moog Mother, just direct feedback, find a sound you love, its golden. Why return to it, just dial in a new sound and move on. Patches are for software honestly or to sell gear with the "200 patches- your ready to go". Like buying a sampler with samples pre-installed or a new pair of shoes with feet already in them:)

  1. Idiotic. Another fine example of the music industry racing to the bottom, raping their own profit margins and rendering themselves eternally poor. Swear to God, you could lobotomize the average musician and industry insider, and you wouldn’t notice any difference in their behavior before and after the procedure.

    1. Jesus Christ are you ACTUALLY complaining about a $300 Minimoog clone? Synth nerds complain about everything. “It’s too expensive!”, “Why won’t (company name) release analog synths?”, and now “It’s too cheap!”.

      I’ve officially seen it all.

    2. I truly believe that before being a music enthusiast, Uli is a business man. Remember that Behringer synths are a small piece of the massive repertoire of equipment on their catalog, so I don’t thing that this is idiotic, on contraire, it really feels that the man wants to bring the “out of league” equipment to the masses. Which is appreciate it. Ironically today I hear something that echo on the back of my mind. Criticize in the same measure that you can contribute with on which you are not ok. I’m a very average musician and your comment wasn’t helpful and instead it is very arrogant. On regards the demo, I guess that we all know how a model D “kind” of sound is (remember that even between moogs there are sonic differences based on the electronic discrete components used at that time. I just got a DM12 and I’m very happy with the quality (physically and sonically) of it. I will give it a try once I’m able to save the $300.

          1. Cool. I voted Stein, but am reasonably happy with Trump as he’s already implemented some of the progressive agenda that both Stein and Sanders had, such as canceling the TPP treaty. I wasn’t planning to get this synth but at the new price point it’s a lot more compelling, especially for something that has CV inputs.

    3. I understand your point, but I’ll counter that in this particular case: It’s a simple, antiquated design. Useful, but the point is it’s a Stat or a Tele—you would not expect Fender to still be the sole maker of a guitar like that, at premium prices. Moog just announce end of production on the Model D reissue—you can still get one for $3749 if that’s your thing. But how important is to to keep the mini architecture priced higher than it’s worth, just so some nostalgic people with surplus cash can feel special? Apparently, Moog has already run out of buyers at that price.

      The Behringer D is a plain vanilla recreation—it doesn’t even have patch storage, and no keyboard. It’s exactly the thing that should be cranked out with surface mount components and modern manufacturing at a cheap price. Or, you can pay more and get more voices, more voice flexibility (modulation, filters, waveforms, morphing…), patch storage, MIDI parameter control, etc., with another synth. I don’t see that the industry is harmed with this choice.

      Just an opposing viewpoint, hope you don’t mind 😉

    4. Or you could argue this isn’t a race to the bottom it’s a step toward putting music into the hands of more people.

      I never had $1000 for a synth. I do have $300 though. So, I pre-ordered.

  2. Up for pre-order already! Did I miss the audio demos of this? Wonder why it’s $100 cheaper than the teaser a couple of months ago? Sure feels like they’re rushing for some reason doesn’t it?

    $300 is pretty unbelievable for what they’re offering. It makes what Roland’s offering for $500 look just as amazing though, and I think they’ll still do pretty good. Wish Roland had that 3 year warranty though.

    1. Roland announced the SE-02 this week; very similar to this synth only with patch memory, a sequencer, and a delay……for $499. Behringer had to lower the price to compete. I’d still pay the extra $200 for the Roland.

      1. But the Roland SE-02 is NOT a Model D clone. It bears many similarities, of course, but it was never meant to be a Moog clone, especially sound-wise.

    2. “Wonder why it’s $100 cheaper than the teaser a couple of months ago?” Listen to the audio demo above and you’ll understand that it’s still overpriced.

      1. Yeah, ’cause you can really evaluate the audio potential of a synth via a trade-show floor video probably shot on an iPhone…

    3. On a Roland you don’t need a 3 year warranty. (Probably on the Behringer you also don’t need a 3 year warranty, should you be able to treat their devices with respect and dignity).

  3. If it wasn’t for Behringer’s TERRIBLE customer support, this unit would be very tempting.

    Just try asking them for spare parts a year or two from now.

      1. > you just mess around with it til something cool comes out and record it in ableton

        OMG. Who told you my secret compositional technique.

    1. Perfect for Eurorack modular users, if you want an all in one synth Roland may be a better bet, but as module for Eurorack, this is a no brainier.

    2. Did you look at the price?
      And does the real Minimoog (going for $3000) had presets?
      This is a machine to make sound, not to recall a sound someone else made….

      About the demo vid; it’s a mic recording of the prototype on an exhibition….

      1. Presets can recall sounds you made. I think everybody (that is, the statitiscally magical 95%, of course) means that when thinking on presets.

  4. BEHRINGER knew they were pwned the moment Roland made their SE-02 announcement!

    Good news for us, but it makes the decision between the two synths a lot harder!

    1. If Roland just would have used the rocker switches instead of these fiddly tiny slide switches, and made the filter as LP/HP like Behringer.
      The modulation options in the Roland are better though….

  5. Having some insight into how Mr. Behringers factory in China works, the pressure at which that place pumps out (way too many) products every year, how fast Uli can take a prototype and have it on a manufacturing floor in a day with _zero_ regard for proper testing and QA; I say spend your sub $499 mono synth monies this summer on one of the other ones on the way (Roland, Dominion Club, etc).

    (They’ll actually stay in tune, won’t randomly spas out, buttons & knobs will still work 3 years down the road, they won’t burn down your house/apartment)

  6. 1. $300 is an absurdly low price for a working synth.

    2. I’ve commented endlessly about this, but I knew Bob and Bob never in a million years would have re-released the original D in its original form. His revisions were improvements that fixed severe and extreme problems with the D.

    3. After Bob passed on the next gen lost the story line in creating clones of old inferior models and billing suckers for them. Sad.

    4. Behringer doing the same is not illegal. It saturates the market with cheap versions of the abomination that the post-Moog Moog released, insulting Bob’s memory and intentions.

    5. Bob was a friend of mine so if you don’t agree, suck it. I speak for Bob. From beyond the grave. Yeah, I can do that. Bob says it’s OK and he’s OK with this post. I ran it past him.

    1. Seriously, Uli could have had me at several points but the ball-grabbing and encouraging internet trolls to post crap on forums for his marketing definitely pushed away myself and a number of other potential customers.

      1. > I guess the Korg Monologue is absurd for $300

        I have a Monologue and strongly recommend it, and yes, the price is absurd as well. There’s no reason not to get one, I have plugins that cost more and are less fun.

    2. “2. I’ve commented endlessly about this, but I knew Bob and Bob never in a million years would have re-released the original D in its original form. His revisions were improvements that fixed severe and extreme problems with the D.”

      And what severe and extreme problems was that?

    3. Fixing severe and extreme problems with the D seems like a good idea. It’s always nice to have the D functioning properly.


    4. “3. After Bob passed on the next gen lost the story line in creating clones of old inferior models and billing suckers for them. Sad.”

      The Moog Sub37 has been universally reviewed as a great synth with massive routing and modulation options that can also function as a controller, so I have to disagree with your point above. Read some reviews and the specs and go play one.

      1. You’ve jumped to conclusions. I agree about the Sub37, great synth. The D and the reissues of the big modulars is stuff Bob wouldn’t have done.

        Legacy of Moog Instruments is extreme cutting edge innovations. Reissuing an uncorrected D was an insult to the Voyager. OK, fine, business wise, it worked out. But it definitely wasn’t Bob’s vision or life work, which was to push the envelope while always keeping an eye on musicality. A massive reversion to old instruments that have long since been supplanted just to appease the rich silent soundless collector market makes sense for a company that doesn’t sell or influence much and is appealing to long dessicated laurels. Not the cutting edge yet pragmatic and expressive futurism that Bob himself always represented.

        It was also a cheap trick. Behringer is far better suited to cheap tricks than Moog. Are Roland or Yamaha reissuing vastly overpriced exact clones of their own highly flawed early instruments? No, they at least update them and lower the price. The D new old stock rerelease was a tremendous insult to Bob’s legacy. It was an embarrassment. That it was financially not a loss is not relevant for a company with this pedigree. Squandering it for cheap tricks can only go so far. Innovation will be needed to survive.

  7. great price seems to sound nice. my only complaint is next time get rid of those midi ports on the face of the unit. and add 2 lfo’s instead. as customers upgrade more into eurorack they won’t want those wasting space. or i won’t at least . maybe have the midi ports on the case portion connected with a ribbon best of both worlds.

  8. Synthesists are getting more & more options everyday. I was curious to see how the Behringer D Analog would sound, hold up & be received by musicians, like myself, on a budget. However, with the announcement and demo videos of the Studio Electronics/Roland SE-02, I’m not considering the Behringer anymore.

  9. Already low balling Roland, classic Behringer counterattack.

    Ah crab nebba forget ‘e hole.

    All jokin’ aside you can have a decent techno analog rig for dirt cheap.. pocket operator or rhythm wolf or tom cat on drums.. pair the D with the volca fm.. great techno rig for dirt cheap.

  10. Whats funny to me is the fact that people at Moog doesnt seem to give a fuck. Mother 32 probably cost the same to make yet still twice the price… I really cant understand people complaining about the sound. Do you guys think that moog puts magic beans on their products? We are in 2017 must be fucking hard to find shitty components… even if you wanted to. What is really shitty and awful is the design of that behringer product… imo

    1. “In case of the MiniMoog there is no IP (Intellectual Property) involved as the technology is more than 40 years old and all patents have long expired. As a result, the property is now in the public domain, free for everyone to use. Without this principle there would only be one car or synthesizer manufacturer in the world.”

      1. “there is no IP (Intellectual Property) involved as the technology is more than 40 years old and all patents have long expired. ”

        Don’t spread clueless misinformation.

        The only thing the patents apply to are the circuit designs – the only thing Moog patented that was applicable was their filter, which people have been cloning for decades because patents have a limited lifespan.

        There is IP that could be applicable, though – trademark and trade dress.

        Why do you think there are a thousand colas, but nobody calls it Coke or copies their logo?

        The reason people have complained about Behringer’s knockoff is that they copy both the name and the look of the Minimoog.

  11. Sorry Behringer, I think you should pull this back to the drawing board and build patch memory into this and make it 1 x 1 size of Minimoog, else you won’t win the clone war against Roland….

    No one will pre-order this..

  12. $299 is impressively low. Good job Behringer.
    Haters are gonna hate, but over driven circuits and 24 db ladder filters combined sound sexy regardless of what package they come in.

  13. why should i pre order an instrument without an audio demo ?
    Just because it is cheap?

    ring ring, here’s pusherman …

  14. Resisting the temptation of sarcasm or adding more of the same content to the above I’d like to say just this:
    – Of course you cannot expect a 299 Behringer, a 499 Roland and a 2400(?) Minimoog D to be comparable, identical or exchangable.
    – From the prices / manufacturers mentioned above, i.m.o. Roland is the most realistic for what it offers, although it doesn’t sound like a Minimoog to me and doesn’t need to.
    – I think it is just amazing at how much different synths and sound modeling is around today both at extremely cheap and ridiculous high prices. Behringer should be appreciated for what they are manufacturing and offering on synthesizers, allowing an easy entry for most people to electronic music as well as some interesting additions to people already into it.

  15. I have quite a few monosynths. Last addition Buchla Music Easel r2 clone. Now, the sound is actually important and defines the synth, but imo the aesthetics and workflow and idea behind front panel and controls is how you CONTROL that sound in real time or in music production, and for me that IS MORE IMPORTANT than actual sound.

    Every synth has its strong and weak points for how to use it and which parts of the spectrum it excels in – some are better at it, some worse.

    Offer of 300$ ideology of moog genius, ideology how to play and control a musical instrument which is legendary among jazz synth musicians (I do play jazz) – I am absolutely into it and I can tell you for sure that with these parameters to control, you have to make good sounds (it is all in your hands).

    I believe it will stay in tune, filter will track v/oct and keyboard, vca’s will “have the character” like in a lot of moog designs. Thats a good starter.

  16. I don’t care whether it sounds good or not. If I cannot over-pay a brand, I will never be happy with my synth, even if I would fail a blind test against its original counterpart or an Arturia Software emulation. Why Behringer doesn’t realise that true musician would never pay less than 2000$ for an instrument? Ah, I miss the good ol’ times when only us, the rich, could afford to buy a car and whatever. Besides, why the hell Ford doesn’t stop producing these effing poor-people cars and just focus on 70000$ cars?
    Just to say.

    1. Elitist!

      Shame. Shame. Shame. Ding ding ding. Shame. Shame. Shame. Ding ding ding. Shame. Shame. Shame. Ding ding ding.
      Shame. Shame. Sh…

      …and you get the point.

  17. As a cheap monosynth I’ll probably get one as long as reviewers confirm they dont burst into flames and make a sound better than a Timbre-wolf. But Uli really messed up with the livery, assuming people want a knock off LOOKING Moog. They dont. They just want a decent cheap synth with some kind of pedigree.

    The LOOK is what is making the most problems. Compare it to The Roland Se2 which is essentially another Moog knockoff with a few additional features, same layout but different colours. Everyone knows SE started as Moog circuit specialists and the Se2 is an update of their Moog-a-like. That’s fine. Different colours and a few extra Xmod features = no criticism. The Deepmind was the same, and I’m fine with all of these. Make a few changes, use different colours.
    If Uli had commisioned the same synth and used different switches and colours he would have saved Behringer a lot of trouble. Their reputation has been knocked back into Y2K by that one daft move.
    Roland are the proof.

  18. If i am honest i came here to watch the comment battle of the year and eat popcorn. But i realized there is too much hate to handle here and i won`t be able to read them all. so i will just post my honest thoughts here as i basically did. Amen, break

  19. After having researched this extensively and consulting my lawyer, I have confirmed that no one has to buy this if they don’t want to. Apparently there is something called ‘free will’. Personally, I don’t like aubergines but I don’t bang on here endlessly about farmers having the audacity to grow them and sell them. Nor do I compare them to a wealth of other vegetables which I love.

  20. Pre-order page is down. Don’t know if it was a mistake or the were inundated. Just talked to Sweetwater- they do have a list, but officially don’t have a price. Suspect someone released the next web site update a little early.
    BTW- I am on the list. Will be the travelling version so my large Model D doesn’t suffer road damage.

    1. that’s funny because they were actually advertising it yesterday, it said “thanks to roland” it is now $100 cheaper

      1. Sweetwater took the Behringer D product page down because it had gone live prematurely.

        Also, to be perfectly clear, there was absolutely no reference to Roland or the SE-02 on Sweetwater’s Behringer D product page.

        1. it wasn’t on the page – I initially saw it in an ad on facebook – and it didn’t mention the model, just roland

  21. The Minimoog has a lot of history but it has a real place on a real market and here comes Behringer with a similar product at one eighth of the price. The price on this thing is really suspicious since it is not unheard of for German corporations to get EU subsidies to obliterate their competition. Maybe Moog Minis are overpriced but than again look at this synth’s interface….it has a ton of knobs and real estate for this price and I really doubt that Behringer suddenly found a better solution than notoriously competitive synth makers like Korg, Arturia or DSI. Also on what Behringer’s succes based on? They do have a ton of cheap hardware but they sell them on a specialized market, where buyers aren’t complete morons and where buying cheap is actually quite expensive. My hunch is that what makes up most of Uli Behringer’s success are not his management skills nor his enthusiasm for music making, but his political connections.

  22. I placed my pre-order last night with Sweetwater. I’ve had three real Minimoogs over the course of 40 years, and still have one. I chose this one over the Roland cause of its Eurorack form factor, larger knobs, 1/4″ audio outs, front panel CV jacks, and because the knobs and switches are layed out like my Minimoog which the Roland is not, the drop to $299.00 sealed the deal. Its simple .. if it sounds bad after I get it back she goes and I get my money back .. simple no questions asked procedure with Sweetwater. Probably will get the Roland though too at some point down the road.

    1. I just googled and the Roland does indeed have 1/8″ out. Wow. Seems like an odd choice. I doubt it significantly reduces production costs.

  23. There are three types of synth buyers.
    1. People w/o a pot to piss in, probably have a day job, and just enjoy messing around with EM. They probably have cheap PC’s, and active torrent clients. (this is NOT a slight)
    2. Pro or semi-pro players who actually have musical knowledge, a bit of talent, are serious about recording and/or gigging, and understand the value of well made musical instruments that sound good and will stand the test of time.
    3. People who have very good paying day jobs, play a little, and can simply afford to buy a bunch of the best gear. It looks good in their domain.

    So any product will be marketed to one of these groups. No group is better than the other, it just is what it is.

    1. Your missing one category…People who have a decent job, reasonable talent, but are limited by spousal justification for the phrase “but I just need that synth!”

      1. And these little modules are perfect for those folks as they can be hidden or camoflaged quite well in a setup and she’ll never know 😀 Kinda hard to disguise something like a Minimoog Voyager XL or Model 15 lol

        1. “What is that? Is that new?”

          “Oh this little one? Well now I’ve had this one a long time, for years. Maybe you never noticed it before.”

          “Oh, OK.”

  24. The synth isn’t showing on either Sweetwater or Guitar Center, it’s not even on Behringer’s own site. Where are they taking pre-orders?

  25. Sweetwater removed Behringer D from the page just few hours ago!! I plan preorder this night, and now disappear!!!! why? …….bad movement. If not appear soon, I plan order SE….

  26. I work at K-mart. We are selling out the Behringer on aisle 6. Especially our own version called the “Allpro D.” Come where you see the blue light.

  27. Update: It appears that the Behringer D was listed as available for pre-order prematurely. Behringer has not made an official announced about pricing or availability, but the Behringer D is expected to be available for US $299 in September, 2017.

    Thanks for the update synthto !

    What a amazing fail lol!
    It definitely makes me think, and decide, I’m not going to buy anything from Behringer.
    Honesty I have some kind of hope on what this company can provide with this synths, and probably are super good……anyway, now all that go to trash lol, this is something show to me this company is or not serious. Bye bye Behringer!!!

  28. buy the novaTION MONO station circuit(it does SO much) – fck both of them old school copies. with one dieing musical company(or one that is going to end up low down on the list with bad quality components and no new ideas) and one desperately trying to get in but cloning stuff with zero innovation(beringer)

    Respect to novation and teenage engineering for actually moving things forward.

    1. Boring specs? Amazing claim. It is electronically identical to the original and the reissued D. Where does the crap sound you expect come from then? Magic pixie dust that can only be found in bellies of catfish pulled out from the French Broad River the morning of?

      1. “It is electronically identical to the original ”

        Rabid Bat

        Your comment is fantasyland nonsense.

        If you want to argue that approximating the circuits using modern surface-mounted parts and production techniques will not affect the sound in any way, then make that argument, provide some examples. You can’t, though, so you won’t.

        If your point is that most people wouldn’t be able to hear the different in a mix – you might have a case. Most people would want to hear an official demo of this before they make up their mind, though, instead of making claims based on tradeshow demos of barely-functional prototypes.

        1. “If you want to argue that approximating the circuits using modern surface-mounted parts and production techniques will not affect the sound in any way, then make that argument, provide some examples. You can’t, though, so you won’t. ”

          Actually there’s no proof whatsoever that modern Surface Machine Mounted components would make any noticeable sound difference as opposed to say Through Hole Hand Soldered components. Maybe you could provide some examples as to otherwise in your own fantasy land.

          1. Michael

            Nice try at deflection from the fact that you and Rabid can’t back up your statements with anything

            You two say that modern approximations of vintage circuits are ‘electronically identical’ – in spite of the fact that there are electrical differences between different types of resistors, capacitors and other components, and in spite of the fact that these differences do affect circuits’ sonic characteristics.

            But when you’re asked to back what you say, you got nothing. Zilch.

            There are 40 years of examples of people making synth knockoffs that sound close, but no cigar. You both seem to be unfamiliar with the not-so-subtle sonic differences with Moog filter knockoffs, or the fact that there are entire websites devoted to detailing the differences in 303 clones.

            In the case of something like the Model D, there’s also the reality that Moog made some ‘unique’ part choices, and that some of the parts that they used in the 70’s are not even available.

            There’s no reason to think that the Behringer D won’t sound ‘Moogy’. But don’t take ‘sounding Moogy’ as justification for ignoring real differences, or for sticking your head in the sand and singing ‘kum-ba-ya’.

            1. “There are 40 years of examples of people making synth knockoffs that sound close, but no cigar. You both seem to be unfamiliar with the not-so-subtle sonic differences with Moog filter knockoffs, or the fact that there are entire websites devoted to detailing the differences in 303 clones.”

              So…. were you going to point me to any of those? I asked for examples after you wanted examples yourself and yet you won’t provide any examples yourself yet demand examples from us?

              Your argument about comparing clones and filter knockoffs is pointless. Take a 1970 MiniMoog, a 1978 Minimoog, a 1980 Minimoog and a new reissue and your gonna hear differences. Arguing about tonal differences in clones and knock offs is pointless when two of the same product from the same manufacturer won’t even sound exactly alike.


              Behringer are going by the original schematic meaning they are matching all the different components electrical values to the original. Obviously a lot of those original parts are no longer in production but there’s no sound argument that using modern equivalents of those components will produce any more of a drastic change in sound then the various component revisions the MiniMoog had throughout it’s lifetime..

    2. Boring post, and a cheap shot Heinz. This synth at this price, can make a lot of kids very happy. Not the more cynical ones of course…

  29. This is great. I was able to pre order it right when it was available. The demos mostly all running a deep mind arp line give you a idea (a few demos from trade show are not a arp line ) how it can sound. The HP/LP , rocker switches, and price is a no brainer. Some people seem to think 200 more for the SE-02 is better deal with its sequencer and 3 cross mods. Maybe but its not a moog clone even though based on it. For clone authenticity go with the D for inovation go with the roland S.E. For me the D was a smarter choice and I have all the other acb boutiques . The SE-02 shows that analog can be done in boutique form factor and its exciting to see what’s next in line for them.

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