Elektron Announces Octatrack MKII Performance Sampler

Elektron has announced the successor to their Octatrack performance sampler. The Octatrack MKII is an eight-track performance sampler and sequencer, designed for both live performance and studio production with its combination of internal tracks, MIDI tracks and in- and outputs.

First introduced in late 2010, the Octatrack DPS-1 was a 8 track dynamic performance sampler with a maximum sample bit depth/sample rate: 16 bit/44.1 kHz

Octatrack MKII New Features:

“Octatrack MKII will fulfill the needs of anybody who really wants to experiment with samples. And the tactile feel and visual feedback of the new buttons is such an aid when being on stage or improvising in the studio. Octatrack MKII is an outstanding live performance tool”, says Jonas Hillman, CEO of Elektron.

Octatrack MKII specifications:

Pricing & availability. Elektron’s Octatrack MKII will begin shipping August 2017, and is priced at €1449 ($1349US). For more information, consult the Elektron website.