minijam studio Update

Patchblocks shared this update on the minijam Studio, their set of mobile music making devices.

minijam is based on the idea of boiling down a hardware studio or live performance setup to a small set of compact devices, including a drum machine, a wavetable synthesizer, an analog filter, a mixer and a speaker.

We talked with developer Sebastian Heinz at SuperBooth, who gave us an intro to the system:

Pricing and Availability

Production of minijam studio is being funded via a Kickstarter, with a target ship date of Sept. 2017. The set can also be preordered for £145.00.

10 thoughts on “minijam studio Update

  1. From my humble opinion, and from my financial situation. I cant see them different from expensive toys for rich people….thoughts?

      1. how do 145 GBP translate to $100? that’s more like $190? assuming you mean USD. sure, it’s pretty much the same compared to a Hartmann 20, but still …

    1. Sid

      I apologize for misinterpreting your earlier comment. My bad.

      There seems to be a constant complaint these days about synths being expensive toys, and it seemed strange to me to bring that complaint against these particular devices.

      I wasn’t thinking about the fact that there are a lot of people that these might still be a stretch for.

      So sorry about that and I hope you have better, and more synth-filled, days ahead of you.

  2. Everyday almost, it seems I lose what little faith I have in the humanity of this world just a little bit more, and with each new outrageous story involving all manner of things my astonishment at how fucked things are just grows and sadly, it’s like the things about right and wrong I was taught as a child are a total joke. So to see someone honestly apologize for something instead of doubling down and blaming everyone else is nice. Cheers.
    “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” 🙂

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