Erica Synths Pico Voice Offers 8 Sound Generations Algorithms

Erica Synths has introduced the Pico Voice, a Eurorack module that offers 8 sound generation algorithms: Karplus Strong, Chords, Wavetable, TB303 bassline emulation, PWM, Supersaw, Wavefold and Harmonic saturation.

Each algorithm offers three adjustable parameters and CV control over one-user defined parameter.


  • 8 sound generation algorithms
  • Manual and 1V/oct Tuning
  • 2 adjustable parameters per algorithm
  • Assignable CV control over algorithms
  • User setting memory
  • Color coded algorithms selection

Pricing and Availability

The Pico Voice is available now for 120EUR (VAT ex.) at the Erica Synths site.

6 thoughts on “Erica Synths Pico Voice Offers 8 Sound Generations Algorithms

  1. Tuning this VCO with 6mm knob must be quite painful experience. I can understand the idea behind the 2HP module, but some controls should be big. Or maybe I am missing something?

    1. Small knobs are not hard to tune precisely. I have no trouble with Warps for instance.

      What’s a problem is loose, flabby knobs that go out of tune if you accidentally breathe on them wrong. My Harvestman Kermit is like that.

      1. Yeah, I’ve reached a point where my euro doesn’t get much use just due to the awkwardness.

        Lots of knobs, tightly packed, with lots of cables in the way. The density of many modules is way too tight. Combine that with how almost every maker places stuff in different spots, and you sometimes have to arrange your case just for access and not work flow.

        It’s also a bitch to reset it back to a neutral state when you want to start from scratch. I have 24U at 104 hp each and it seriously takes over an hour, depending on what was last patched. You have to be very careful with the 3.5mm jacks.

        It kills me that I often bypass it for many things, even though I love it…..

        1. Once you try 5U, you’ll never look back.

          5U beats Euro on usability (except for maybe portability!) and build quality – there are a lot of iffy Euro modules, where 5U modules are built to take abuse.

          Also, sound quality tends to be better in the 5U world. Not saying that there aren’t great-sounding Euro modules, there are. But it seems like the Euro world is a lot less consistent – there are a lot of poorly-designed, crap sounding Euro modules, where I’ve never seen that in 5U modules.

          That all said – I’d love to see this module in a single-unit 5U module, with bigger controls for tuning and controlling the module.

          1. Indeed. I have just started down this path……

            I have a mini, cp-251, and lots of older vintage stuff, so that is probably where I should have gone in the first place.

            I would love a Model 15 clone to start with, either CotK or Mos Labs.

            Euro does have lots of stuff that just feels cheap. For example, I really did not like the build quality of the Intellijel stuff I bought. For the price it seemed really junky. Many do not share that though.

            The euro stuff I have enjoyed the most is a few of the odd Make Noise, the MST line from Synthrotek, and the first version of Erica Synths Polivoks.

            I do love the Moog M32 in a combo with the Korg Arp.

  2. Bonus point for the video going through the 8 modes quickly at the start, rather than making me hunt through a 20-minute video for the sound examples.

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