Soulsby Synths Oscitron Accessories Pack Now Available

Developer Paul Soulsby of Soulsby Synths let us know that his new Oscitron Accessories Pack is now available.

The Oscitron Accessories Pack lets you customize your Oscitron with 2 completely different softwares. The Pack includes:

  • Programmer cable
  • 2 overlays
  • Instruction card

The 2 software versions are the Oscidrum and the Odytron:

  • Oscidrum:
    • 8 instrument drum machine
    • 16 step sequencer
    • 8 user patterns
    • Engine sample rate control
    • Instrument volume, delay fx, pitch and length
    • Currently 4 drum banks available
  • Odytron:
    • Dual analogue modelling 8-bit oscillator
    • 2 filter types and bypass
    • 2 modulation inputs
    • Ring mod
    • Wave sync
    • PWM
    • 8 user patches

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

The Soulsby Synths Oscitron Accessories Pack is now available for £19 inc VAT exc P&P.

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