Steve Horelick – ‘Wonderful’

Sunday Synth Jam: Composer Steve Horelick (Reading Rainbow, Shining Time Station) shared this live Buchla modular performance of Wonderful at the PRPL performance space in Hastings on Hudson, NY.

The concert was in memory of his mother, Dorothy, who loved to say “Wonderful”.

Here’s what Horelick has to say about the technical details:

It features the Buchla Music Easel processed and “surround sounded” using Logic Pro X. The Easel, with its iProgram Card is a total blast. There’s a ton of Logic Pro Environment rewiring to get the modulators to auto-pan the surround panners. I’m also using the Keith McMillen 12-Step to open/close sends, turn loops on/off and do some other stuff. That required a lot of Environment transformer magic, too.

It’s dedicated to my mother who passed away in the Spring. Sit back, relax and give a listen! It’s performed entirely on the the Buchla Music Easel processed, in surround, in Logic Pro X.

6 thoughts on “Steve Horelick – ‘Wonderful’

  1. Super sounds, atmosphere and performance, I was amused at how many of the tones could have been produced by a large French church organ, in line with the setting! 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Steve Horelick was a huge influence on me as a kid. Probably tons of other kids too. I watched the episode of Reading Rainbow where he showed off his Fairlight. I was totally amazed at how he could capture any sound and play a melody with them. The light pen was just so cool. I remember his part of the episode like it was yesterday. So began a life obsessed with samplers and synths! Great to see he’s still making music. A much younger Steve Horelick doing his thing on RR here:

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