Sonarworks Intros Reference 3 Systemwide

Sonarworks has introduced Reference 3 Systemwide, a utility that allows track referencing and double-checking without the tonal coloration caused by headphones or speakers getting in the way. Now as a standalone product, Reference 3 Systemwide is viable for users with no plug-in capable software.

After setup, Systemwide sits between OS audio and the selected audio device, built-in or otherwise. By employing a patent-pending measurement method, Sonarworks identifies flaws in headphones and speakers, then creates a special calibration profile. These profiles can be used in Systemwide to remove the devices’ tonal coloration. Sonarworks explains, better monitoring allows applying one’s producing or mixing talent “with surgical precision.” The result is music that works on any playback system and can be revealed to listeners faster.

Pricing and Availability. Sonarworks’ Systemwide app is available now for 99€/$99 or for 49€/$49 when purchased with other Sonarworks software. More information is available on Sonarworks’ website.

2 thoughts on “Sonarworks Intros Reference 3 Systemwide

  1. …. so they do measurement w/ the headphones on a kemar with swept sine wave or pink noise and generate correction curve for several headphones? Not a terrible idea but it will be incredibly sensitive to headphone placement and each persons physio/neuro characteristics. Best case you could measure on several kemars and ‘average’ the results to get a rough idea of the typical ‘ear’. If the headphones are particularly bad the results could be more accurate than w/o the correction curve.

  2. FAQ
    What’s the difference between Systemwide and Reference 3 plugin?

    The plugin is built for DAW use, so it’s fast enough to play MIDI instruments. Running Sonarworks calibration at OS level means extra latency. Also some DAW’s won’t let you use different input and output devices, so you’ll be forced to use the plugin. Systemwide on the other hand is much more flexible and can take any audio from any app and apply calibration.

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