Audio Damage Brings Phosphor 2 To iPad For $5.99

Audio Damage is continuing its full-bore iOS onslaught, bringing its recently updated Phosphor 2 to the iPad.

Phosphor is a modeled on the alphaSyntauri, a vintage digital additive synth from the early 80s.

Featuring two additive oscillators (with the original 16 partial complement of the alphaSyntauri, or optionally with 32 or 64 partials), each with its own amp envelope, Phosphor’s topology closely follows the alphaSyntauri. But it also adds many modern features, such as full velocity control, a more extensive modulation routing system, tempo synced LFOs, a pair of delays, and two monophonic modes.

The noise and oscillators are able to work in the original alphaSyntauri “low-resolution” modes, or can be run in modern high-resolutions. Phosphor is designed to accurately model the original sounds of the alphaSyntauri, yet still provide new paths for sonic exploration.


  • Two complete oscillator/envelope sections modeled on the original topology of the alphaSyntauri.
  • Each set of partials can run in “lo-fi” mode, emulating the gritty digital voicing of original, or in a modern mode for alias-free sines.
  • The noise can be either “lo-fi” digital shift-register noise per the original, or modern white noise.
  • Two complete delay sections with LP/HP filtering and cross-feedback.
  • Two tempo-syncable LFOs with multiple modulation destinations.
  • A large complement of presets included that show off the extensive sound generating capabilities of Phosphor, including some famous alphaSyntauri presets directly ported from the original.
  • XML preset system, with copy-to-clipboard, for sharing presets in forums and with your friends.
  • AudioUnits V3 version for use in all AUv3 hosts, like AudioBus 3, AUM, BeatMaker 3, Cubasis 2, GarageBand, etc.
  • Standalone version (with full single-panel UI) with Inter-App Audio and BlueTooth MIDI capability.

Pricing and Availability

Phosphor 2 is available for iPad for US $5.99.

4 thoughts on “Audio Damage Brings Phosphor 2 To iPad For $5.99

  1. I’m curious to know what is special about this synth? Looks like it has two additive oscillators. Most of the demos I heard had kind of a lo-fi noisy quality. The envelopes look pretty nice (e.g., each segment has curve).

    1. There might be nothing special about it, but I find it great that synthtopia posts about synths which are not mainstream too.

    2. While you can get similar sounds from PPG WaveGenerator, Phosphor 2 has an immediacy and musicality the PPG lacks. While I’m a fan of all things PPG, unlike WaveGenerator, Phsophor is a breeze to program and the “lo-fi” mode sounds brilliant.

      You also can’t beat Phosphor’s price.

  2. This is great and all but I really wish he would fix the 500 dollar Eurorack with all the bugs. Really disappointed about this.

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