The Infinitone Is The iPad-Controlled Microtonal Saxophone Of The Future

This video, via Infinitonica, captures a performance by inventor Subhraag Singh with his Infinitone, an iPad-controlled microtonal ‘saxophone of the future’.

Singh’s invention won First Place in the 2017 Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition, an annual event designed to encourage innovation in the world of musical instruments.

The Infinitone differs from traditional saxophone designs by using computer-controlled sliding sections to control the pitch that is played. So, while the instrument’s tone is articulated as a traditional sax, its pitch is controlled via an iPad.

And, because the resonating volume of the instrument is computer-controlled, the Infinitone is not limited to a static 12-tone tuning, like traditional instruments. This makes it possible to play in traditional microtonal scales, non-standard equal tempered scales and to explore custom scales.

Here’s Singh’s introduction to the instrument:

You can find out more about the Infinitone – or go down the microtuning rabbit hole – at the Infinitonic site.

via Chick Sangria