Berlin Atonal, A Five-Day Electronic Music Fest, Begins August 16

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Berlin Atonal returns this summer for the fifth edition of its modern era, featuring over 100 musicians, sound and visual artists, performers and DJs over its five day stretch between the 16.–20. August.

Performances include:

Main / Regis (live – world premiere)
Roly Porter + Paul Jebanasam present ALTAR (live – world premiere)
Powell + Wolfgang Tillmans (A/V – world premiere)
Shackleton + Anika present Behind the Glass with Strawalde + Pedro Maia (A/V – world premiere)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop (live – German premiere)
Pan Daijing presents Fist Piece (live – world premiere)
Mick Harris presents Fret (live – world premiere)
Roll The Dice (A/V – world premiere)
OKTOPHONIE: Karlheinz Stockhausen
Iancu Dimitrescu, “Piano High Energy” (live – world premiere)
Ana-Maria Avram, “KLAVIERUTOPIE” (live – world premiere)
Demdike Stare + Michael England (A/V – world premiere)
Emptyset (A/V)
Renick Bell + Fis (A/V – world premiere)
Damien Dubrovnik present Great Many Arrows (A/V – world premiere)
Puce Mary presents A Feast Before the Drought (live – world premiere)
Ena + Rashad Becker (Oktophonic – world premiere)
PYUR presents Oratorio for the Underworld (Oktophonic – world premiere)
Varg presents Nordic Flora (live – world premiere)
Pact Infernal (live – world premiere)
Anthony Linell + Kimberly Ihre (A/V – world premiere)
LCC with Pedro Maia (A/V – German premiere)
Inga Mauer (live – world premiere)
Abul Mogard (A/V – world premiere)
Pact Infernal (live – world premiere)
The Lefty (live – European premiere)
Killer Bong (live – European premiere)
Belief Defect (live – world premiere)
Lemna presents Sediment (live – world premiere)
Wolf Eyes (live)
Hypnobeat (live)
Belong play October Language (live)
Carla del Forno (live)
Broken English Club (live)
Crossing Avenue (live)
Equiknoxx (live)
Rob Lowe (live)
CoH (live)
Goner (live)
DJ Stingray
Trevor Jackson
Richard Fearless
Mark Reeder
Yousuke Yukimatsu
DJ Yazi
Apeiron Crew
Anastasia Kristensen

Details for the event can be found at the Berlin Atonal site or via its Facebook page.

Photos by Camille Blake and Helge Mundt

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  1. Went a couple years ago. While the lineup could have used one or two more “fun”, not dour, acts, the fest itself was highly enjoyable, and the venue incredible.

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