Knobcon 6, Featuring Tom Oberheim, Coming Sept 8-10

Oberheim, right, with fellow electronic music gear pioneers Roger Linn, left, and Dave Smith, center.

Organizers of Knobcon 6, set for September 8-10, 2017 in the Chicago area, have announced that this year’s guest of honor will be synth pioneer Tom Oberheim.

Oberheim – a pioneer of polyphonic synthesizers, drum machines and more – will be speaking at the annual Knobcon Banquet as well as taking part in a question-and-answer session.

Knobcon features three days of activities, including lectures and panel discussions, synth DIY sessions, an electronic music gear showcase and more. 

Knobcon vendors will include:

1010music LLC
4ms Company
Amplified Parts
Art For The Ears
Audulus LLC
Blue Lantern Modules
Catalyst Audio
Chase Bliss Audio
Conductive Labs
Copper Traces
Couture Voltage
Dave Smith Instruments
Detachment 3
Division 6
Doctor Synth’s World of ROMplers
DOEPFER Musikelektronik
Dwarfcraft Devices
Elite Modular
Erogenous Tones
Family Room Recordings
Five12 Inc
Future Retro
Great Lakes Modular
Grove Audio
Industrial Music Electronics
Isla Instruments
JMLS – Logan Soloman Synth Research
Make Noise
Metalphoto of Cincinnati
Michigan Synth Works
Modular Addict
Mystic Circuits
Nerd Audio
Noise Engineering
Rabid Elephant
Schlappi Engineering
SDIY Chicago
Synth City
Synthesis Technology
SysEx Dumpster

Pricing for the event is $40 during the month of August (a $10 discount) and includes access to all 3 days of the event. The banquet is an additional $50 per person, limited seating available. See the Knobcon site for details.

6 thoughts on “Knobcon 6, Featuring Tom Oberheim, Coming Sept 8-10

  1. I was hoping that Behringer would be there so I can check out the new D clone in person.
    Also, no Roland? I also wanted to check out their new boutique analog.

  2. Suprised Arturia, Behringer, Erica, and Roland pulled out this year.
    I’ve been a few times. Some of the performances were embarrasingly bad. Suit and Tie guy’s performance always makes up for that though.

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