Music For Painting Robots

Reader Michael Sommer (aka Sonny Blake) shared this video collaboration with artist Niki Passath, who creates painting robots, in many shapes, under his basic priciple ‘artist is obsolete’.

The music is made with analog gear, TR-808 and some Eurorack. Sommer aims compliment the man-machine aspect of Passath’s art with his music.

3 thoughts on “Music For Painting Robots

  1. It’s ironic for someone who claims that the “artist is obsolete” to be producing such generic techno music, which could easily be generated using simple algorithms. This type of music has been obsolete ever since its incorporation into television advertisements in the 1990s.

    There’s a lot more to music than that, and there’s also a lot more to painting and artistry than having robotic arms draw simple shapes. The concept seems to be quite an oversimplification. Maybe the music is a deliberate post-modern choice?

    The video is visually compelling however. I’d be interested in seeing the robots paint something other than arcs, since the arms appear to be fully articulated.

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