Using Theremin To Control Analog Synthesizers With CV & Gate

Swiss thereminist Coralie Ehinger (aka Therminal C) shared this video, demonstrating using a theremin with CV and gate to control other analog gear.

The video is one in a series, exploring the combination of theremin & synthesizer. Ehinger notes that her goal is to create complete performances, controlled by the theremin.

The video, above, looks at using Gate in theremin playing / E-pro theremin to control a Korg Volca Sample and Pocket Operator

The next video looks at using CV in theremin playing / E-pro theremin controlling Arturia MicroBrute.

The latest video, below, explores using a theremin to control a Buchla Music Easel via CV.

Ehinger says that her next challenge is exploring using the theremin with a Eurorack modular system.

You can see her site for more information.